Eco Village

The definition of an Eco Village is emerging gradually. The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) - an education preparing the way for a sustainable future - is being introduced to the world by the Global Ecovilage Network? to complement to complement, correspond with, and assist in setting a standard for the United Nations' "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development" - 2005-2014.

Here is the current form of the definition produced by EDE and published by Gaia Education? and EDE Damanhur:

Guidelines for “ecovillage” recognition:

(to be further specified/adapted to different regions)

The following are a set of guidelines drafted by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) to assist in the process of recognition of ecovillages. If you feel that your project or village shares these values and strives to implement these practices, you might like to consider becoming a part of our global network of mutual support and exchange.

Growing from our Shared vision and values, we - the people - choose to:

  • Design our own villages and our own lifestyles in community
  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Become guardians of the nature around us once again
  • Celebrate our cultural identity and diversity
  • Uphold human rights for all
  • Support oneness and solidarity, while helping each individual to find his or her unique way of serving the whole

We strive to build capacity through:

  • Educating and empowering all to contribute to sustainable living
  • Honouring traditional local wisdom while integrating positive change; applying innovative methods and appropriate technologies