20040414 Reply

I have just replied to my own message as an illustration of a Log Page Date Extension?, which in this case is 20040414Reply

Solaroofguy said:

Now I presume that when I save this Log Page that it will have the top slot. This shows that the active LogPages will be highest on the list and this information together with the Log Page Date? or the Log Page Date Extension? will be the useful information to look at to see when a page was first created.

I first opended 20040414 and copied the above quotation from that message then I clicked on the URL address and replaced ?action=edit with the word "Reply". Then, without closing or saving the edit window that I was in I clicked the Go button and this page opened and asked for the content to the new Log Page named SolaroofguyLog/20040414Reply?. Then I pasted my quote and proceeded to write this comment.

Thus we can see that this system is very powerful since with more than one internet window open one can get text from any Log Page and copy and paste them into another for rich commenting capability. This shows the simple power of a Wiki system of Log keeping.

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