In referrence to the 100 Keys to World Change, I have today written to Chris Macrae this message:

To brainstorm the idea further, I think that it likely that the chosen 100 Keys are a snapshot and example of truly looking for solutions (knowing that with God's grace they are already there!); opening our eyes to see what has been missed; hearing the voices that need to be heard (because the message is too disruptive).

In fact I think you are onto something very big in terms of learning - a sort of global self learning - that we have within our billions of humanity the missing keys to change if we find the mechanism to let this knowledge bubble up ;-)

The book is a powerful tool but to follow through it is about the Web.2 approach to open participation. And not to build only a virtual community but to connect with real people (faces on a frapr style map); places, projects and hubs on a world map (so we know where the Open Spaces? are located).

But while the Google map is static (at today) I would like to see a space and time map so that we can appreciate the timeline both for documenting the past and for planning the future. This is a powerful idea because it makes visible the process of change and development and supply more "context". Individuals past and future activities become contextualized and can be coordinated spontaneously and/or planned with great foresight. Each persons' "path" in space-time can become visible (was that "headmap" Chris - your friends who do the GPS time/space maps?)

These tools would enable open participation in planning that can be spontaneous and bottom up but at the same time completely coordinated because of the universal transparency. Everyone knows that at the center of every military campaign is a war room where the strategic maps are studied and the command and control team uses the available "intelligence" to make their top down decisions. Now, in the model of Web.2 we can tap into a global intelligence, and by each one participating in a feedback network we get a natural (honest and true, not to mention democratic) global grass roots action plan.

Because we each operate this engine for development (rather than growth, ref:Russell L. Ackoff) it is scalable to include participation by everyone. This Web.2 map would work from Global to Local and would build not virtual but real connections for people. Groups and teams will form that interlink (in a visible and transparent fashion) with other networks. The big networks will reflect categories that Chris has suggested. Categories and themes bring knowledge into focus. We can all be knowledge base builders and benefit from the "Commons". Meetups and Change Workshops would be mapped out into the future and a click would reveal the programs for such events and who is attending - everyone who is attending!

Using Open Space Technology we would see who, among attendees has the highest reputation and trust levels (our non-media manipulated heroes and heroines) and they and every participant can reveal their personal timeline map from the past and into the projected future.

I feel strongly that this is the full strength solution needed to provide the learning spaces, workshops, events and projects required to get past the "inconvenient truth" of our situation. Do you also see that we are all beginning to act with a collaborative intelligence to pull together the ways and means of equipping ourselves for success in this campaign?

I see you book as tipping point in moving this into a CONSCIOUS and coordinated program that is destined to succeed wildly beyond our imagination.