United Diversity

The United Diversity Wiki has been set up by a network of individuals and organisations "busy creating the world we want" - you are all welcome to participate in work here and create any Wiki Group here.

The United Diversity community says:

"We believe that it's time to radically democratise democracy, and to come together to protect the beautiful communities of Life on Earth..."

United Diversity is what everyone has been waiting for: a global open space organisation, democratically owned and controlled by everyone.

United Diversity members are welcome to post links and brief description of upcoming events here. - Solaroofguy

The very first wtfcon, an Open Space conference of various grassroots projects, people, and organizations took place on Saturday, 27th of March @ the 491 Gallery, London, UK.

Any feedback about the above subjects is welcome on this page. I hope we can bring back United Diversity soon and have more wtfcon events.