Solaroof Library

Eco Center's need a library. As all Eco Centers have a similar focus, they will collectively set up this library. Many Solaroof participants will be able to contribute and this library will grow fast. Attention must be paid to the proper setup of its index. Participants familiar with handling such a setup should come forward with suggestions.

A first division will be a list of Internal Solaroof? subjects next to a list of External Solaroof? subjects. Both libraries will offer summaries with keywords for pdf's as well as links to other web pages.

Internal Solaroof Subjects? have a direct link to the application of Solaroof, such as sources of materials used, papers written on results achieved and info on applicable horticulture. The list should contain a summary on the information item, an indication how it is linked to Solaroof Wiki pages, keywords on which a search can be made and the actual link where the information is located as a pdf, a web link, a hardcopy or existing item in the real world.

External Solaroof Subjects are indirectly related to Solaroof. Think of papers written on the development of urban farming or the nutrition value of certain plants that can be grown in glass houses. Internal Solaroof? subjects offer the same info, with an additional explanation how and where this relates to Solaroof.