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I have been listening to the interview of Mary Evelyn Tucker at http://www.globalonenessproject.org/videos/maryevelyntuckercomplete

I am very inspired by her message. I wish that we can work together to get across a new design paradigm for the built environment - sustainable living will be dramatically enabled by Sola Roof. I would like to suggest a collaboration to introduce this Biomimicry Architecture, which I am calling Eco Dynamic? and is an advancement beyond present concepts of "Passive Buildings" or "Active Solar" devices and systems for buildings.

Eco Dynamic? buildings integrate complete Closed Ecological Life Support Systems and bring living systems within a low-energy transparent structure, Sola Roof, which has the capacity to control temperature, humidity and all factors of the building environment for maximum comfort and sustainable production of food, feed, fiber and fuel from Plants and Algae. The phytomechanisms of photosynthesis and transpiration transform solar radiation into biomass and water. The growing space refreshes and cleans air and the root zone cleans water. Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria are put to work within the closed atmosphere cycles to produce clean energy, including Bio Methane? and Hydrogen and provide waste treatment to produce soil and liquid nutrients and CO 2? to recycle into high yield plant and algae culture. Eco Dynamic? design will produce abundance within the actual physical footprint of our homes and communities. Urbanization will become a totally positive and Carbon Negative trend that can work rapidly to stop CO 2? accumulation in the atmosphere and actually capture and sequester carbon within enriched organic soils and biomass and restored diversity of Ecological systems.

The methods proposed are technically sound and advanced and have low risk. Sola Roof technology is a controlled environment system for maximum energy absorption, capture, conversion, storage and use by means of Carbon Negative processes. Eco Dynamic? homes and communities will have a large net output of clean energy, bio-resources for a modern lifestyle that is attractive and prosperous. We need a break with current thinking that is mechanical, physical, chemical methods based and innovate with life science leading and a deeper understanding of ecological processes that has only recently emerged.

The Open Eco Collaboration that I envision is a sustained effort by a global community to bring accessible, affordable and adaptable solutions to people everywhere with all speed so that we can cope with the coming dangerous Climate Change and avert the threat of runaway global heating. We cannot wait on Government and political process although we can encourage responsible policies and a global Grass Roots? program to get solutions quickly to communities that are most threatened. Social enterprise is a powerful channel for diffusion of Open Eco? solutions for Eco Living?.We can live without harm to life; we can find a balance and synergy with creation. Please join me to act now for love of people and planet.

I ask that we extend this invitation to all our networks and invite all Eco Warriors? to BUILD a sustainable future together. Thank you for considering this proposal, I pray you are willing to participate. Richard