Eco Sphere Concept Page 2

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Eco Sphere A Dodecahedron Tensegrity Structure

Front Cross Section View of Eco Sphere

Attach:EcoSphere/EcoSphere/FrontCrossSection.jpg Δ The two vertical poles (orange) are columns that provide the height of the structure. The yellow poles are beams that form the Ground Floor support (at the bottom) and the Loft Floor support at the top level. At the middle elevation of the structure is the Main Floor area that is supported by the two (red) floor beams, which create a rectangular floor.

The space below the Base Vertices is used for a water reservoir where we create a pool. This pool can be subdivided into separate volumes of water with different uses. Since the structure is very light the water mass is also the anchor for the structure so that it is secured to the ground by the weight of this liquid reservoir system. Each of the two columns are pinned to the ground at the Footing Vertices that are located below grade and the Base Vertices are located at the finish grade elevation and are giving further support to the structure.

The ends of the poles (four beams and two columns) are held at the vertices by tension cables that form the edges of the Dodecahedron envelope. Some of the edges may also be compression members that act mainly in tension. The envelope would be constructed as a double layer that creates a cavity space for the Bubble Tech? and the Liquid Solar systems. The envelope is entirely a transparent fabric and can be folded into a small volume package. The beams and columns are 3D open web lattices that dismantle. The structure can be built without excavation with the Pool above grade and using bracing.