Autumn Storm

We had a nice little storm today. Nothing big - 50-60km/h winds, lots of rain. Glad the Kleinbus has more ground clearance than most SUV's...

=>Posted at 16:30 by andres

New wikilog uploaded

Key changes:

  • after installing, the i18n file should now load correctly
  • p.wikiloghome class for the home page link
  • » in newslist now correct

But I still have no idea why Publish doesn't work.

=>Posted at 03:18 by jr?

Commenting modified

The Group Footer puts a regular comment form on every page, that posts to the bottom of the current page. The Home Page posts comments to "today".

What do you think? Check out the latest version of wikilog, which I am about to upload to the WikiCalendar page.

=>Posted at 02:49 by jr?

21 April 2004

00:12 by jr?
This is the day that Adobe killed FrameMaker for Macintosh.
02:43 by jr?
One problem sorted: you have to use $Commentchrono in a Group Footer, $Comment in a Group Header.
16:26 by andres
Do you write technical docs? What does it do better than Quark?
20:09 by jr?
Long documents with a standard, repeatable structure, where you want everything produced to look the same. XML or SGML documents. Use one product for everything from letters and envelopes to reports, papers and books. Not good for design-rich documents.

22 April 2004

02:52 by andres
I imagine that that sort of app doesn't need a frequent release cycle. There was a time there that Quark went for years between updates.
You could probably use it for years to come.
02:53 by andres
Well there's another oddity. No indent on second paragraph.
19:20 by jr?
style sheet issue: there is -> start of line markup inserted automatically (and the problem is that Adobe never released a version for Mac OS X)
20:29 by andres
So you use it in Classic. Well, a fast Mac (and they all are, these days) should handle that ok.