Hi Steve, I am really excited about this new relationship with you and Tuisco and I am very pleased to be working with you. I will provide all the help that I can for the success of the goal that you have stated. These thoughts should go on your Welcome page. You can compose pages off line and then paste the text into the edit window and save the page. This will only take minutes of online time. You can write the page content complete with wiki script for formating and so for example by inserting you can make green or bold text.

You can make titles and indents, tables and bullets - and write the text so that its style will be as you like - at first this might look difficult but the wiki script is not too difficult. You can open pages that you like the format and copy the text from the edit window, then just use the back button on the browser to escape from the edit window. Paste that text in a word processing file and you can go back to it and copy that format. The only difficulty is that you will not see a preview. It would be nice to have an off line text editor that would have a preview function. I will ask about that.

You can make pages and I or Tuisco can work on them to format. The important thing is the content. Others that have more online time can make impovements and polish up the text. If you send me an email I can enter it on the Blog. Not every email would be worth posting but many are really quite useful - it is our day to day thinking and work that needs to be shared - this is the power of a grass roots process.

We will see how our effort is multiplied when we "work openly".

I hope these suggestions are useful. By the way you do not need to reply to both email for me - rick@solaroof.org is my principle email the yahoo is a duplicate record anyway for reference when I am traveling or not at my home computer.

Thanks for your feedback - I am pleased that you like the basic Agro Best wiki and I am certain that it will help us to connect with the entire community (and the world) while it also enhances our collaboration. I also hope that we will see other supporters join the team over the long term.

I hope one day soon we will meet in person. I would love to visit Surinam.

Regards, Rick

Steve Silos <steve.silos@agrobest.biz> wrote:

Dear Richard:

I went to look at the Agrobest Blog you have allocated for us. My compliments for having built a powerful communication and record keeping system. However, I normally work offline due to the extreme high cost for internetting in this country dominated by extremely backward oriented politicians. Reason why Tuisco and I are so strongly motivated and intensively committed to make the agroBest project a success. We feel that by sharing this project with our fellow citizens will cut them loose form the material and mental state of dependency created and maintained by these savage out-of-date and out-of-tune gerontocratic politicians. The establishment of private enterprises is the key to eliminate the widespread dominance of politicians and politics in our society: Thus eliminating the permanent state of backwardness and poverty.

I fully appreciate that it is far more efficient to communicate within the Solaroof Wiki Agrobest Blog Structure. However, I cannot pay the telephone bill for being online for extended periods. The political invested management of our state owned phone company cant get it through their skull that internet should be easily accessible for acceleration of economic development.

I am a private non-traditional project developer, fully independent from government patronage; thus every single buck really counts to sustain my family: Reason why Tuisco, up to recently, maintained the extremely appreciated communicated directly with you.

I honestly do not know how to solve my relative and personally extremely unpleasant communication setback!

Thank you for still having taken your valued additional time over these two weeks to reply on our emails outside of the superb Solaroof Wiki Communication, record keeping and global knowledge sharing system!

I will do my utmost to find a workable solution to my communication problem.

I have posted the technical part of our conversation on the agroBest Blog.