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The Educultural Network

The Educultural Network is a broad project with the intend of developing a burgeoning network of academic, scientific and creative cultural centres to showcase ethical and environmentally friendly living by means of education, experience, co-operation, consultancy and action. It will engage in, and contribute to, the promotion and implementation of sustainable, 'eco-nomical', healthy, just and democratic global developments.

Attracting a mainstream audience, but with a particular interest in accommodating cultural creatives, The Educultural Network Centres will be orientated around hands on learning experiences concerned with 'green living' issues, eco-attractions, flower&sculpture gardens, vegetable&herb gardens, playgrounds, workshops, entertainment, reforestation, organic farming, art&creativity, health&wellbeing and free trade. There will be an accent on creating beautiful spaces based around nature, in which people can be freed from the fears and stresses of modern life. Each centre will be based around visually inspiring environments that will be a potent blend of nature, art and science, and breed milieu that celebrate natural beauty, creativity, optimism and cultural diversity.

The Educultural Network will encourage the expansion of green enterprise cultures by promoting ethical alternatives and solutions to all relevant issues, products and ideas. In doing so the centres will involve both local and non-local organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

The Educultural Network aim to play an important part in the public awareness and promote understanding of the urgent social transition necessary to sustain our world for the next generations and provide our own basic needs without moral qualms.

The Educultural Network will provide 'intellectual self-defense in an age of illusions', to quote the subtitle of the poignantly named book by David Edwards 'Free to be Human'. These are steps towards the ultimate goal of a peaceful world!

We are current engaged in planning of projects in:

  • UK
  • Spain
  • Nothern Cyprus
  • Norway
  • Gambia
  • Ghana

and elsewhere.

Projects on the drawing board include:

A) Create space for celebration of nature, spirit and life, to raise global awareness and spiritual consciousness, and to feed a diversified audience information and means on how to support positive chance in society at large.

B) Encourage the planning and arrangement of awareness campaigns and events where debate, creative expression, documentary, speech and music all play a vital role.

C) Curate a touring solution-orientated art exhibition based on positivity, hope and natural beauty, but which will largely focus on sustainable development, the future, tolerance, diversity and the value of all life. The aim will be to encourage viewer to get involved in positive change, and act consciously.

D) The Educultural Network is hoping to operate a eco-ferry. This boat will be an ideal space for courses, conferences, festivals etc. with a focus on the issues the organsiations involved campaignes for, but at the same time promote ethical shopping, natural foods, free trade, world entertainment, and celebrate cross-cultural unity and peace.

Our support is growing:)