Educultural Network

The Educultural Network

The Educultural Network is an initiative involving eco-attractions, creative learning communities, land regeneration and positive campaigning based around visually inspiring environments that will be a potent blend of nature, arts and science.

The Educultural Network is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote 'eco-librium', 'eco-nomics' and long-term sustainability locally and globally by means of education, experience, co-operation, consultancy and action. The Educultural Network aim to provide sustainable jobs and environmentally friendly activity where needed and appropriate.

The Educultural Network will encourage ethical, co-operative, multinational and proactivist networks, and share resources and information with other groups and organisations in a common goal to demonstrate, in a positive way, the feasibility of a move towards a healthy, fair, just and democratic society were life is valued higher than profit, and people matter!

With an accent on creating beautiful spaces based around nature, in which people can be freed from the fears and stresses of modern life, combined with inspiring activites to touch the soul of it's audience, The Educultural Network Centres will open people up to the possibility and urgent need for a gradual social transition with focus away from greed towards kindness! This is steps towards the ultimately goal of a peaceful world!