Hi Jim, I have sent welcome messages out to new members of the Portal, using the "contact" feature - it seems to work fine. I used this message to also provide the Wiki edit password and I thought we might be able to automate this welcome message.

I used the search box at the Portal and it seems that it will not search all of our Wiki pages - could the search include all of the Wiki Pages.

It would be great if we could have the Portal header, including the logo and the black bar with links displayed in white text, and this header navigation bar would be displayed as the header of all the Wiki pages, thereby linking the Wiki more strongly to the Portal.

I was thinking of creating a quadrant "Blocks" in the empty area of the Home Page of the Portal. These blocks can feature important current projects and subjects of interest. So, that would be four modules

  1. I would like one to link to documentation about the workshops we are having in Norway in preparation for participation at the Rio+20 - I have the two first reports as PDF files.
  2. the second block would link to a feature page on the work at Lindum - our operational Pilot Project
  3. the third Block would link to a page on the subject of the DIY Food and constructional information for DIY greenhouse builders
  4. the last block I would use to focus on the opportunity for "social enterprise" and the Sola Roof Coop initiative which I anticipate will be starting up in Quebec but can replicate - I hope Michigan will be happening soon - the Detroit project can be a center for activity in the USA

My other thought that I think would be really exciting is to link Wiki Words on the Drupal pages to Wiki Pages in any Wiki Group (the Sub Wikis) perhaps these Wiki Words would activate a drop down menu of the Wiki Pages when the cursor hovers over the Wiki Words. Another way could be that clicking on the Wiki Words in the Drupal content will search the Wiki and relevant Wiki pages would be found.

Drupal does not recognize the pmwiki pages for search. It searches content that is in a database. There is a Google search module, but it costs money per search after so many each month (100 I think?) I had been looking into that.

Wiki link is added to the Main menu.

Any Article you publish is content that can be sent to the Front Page (by default). The current Article "Welcome" is marked that way, and also designated "sticky"

There are blocks in this theme that can further offer what you suggest. They can be text of graphic ... wish I was a graphics pro. Perhaps there are photos for the categories.

Wi Fi? is really bad here - keeps disconnecting.

- Usa2k