Hi Jim, I uploaded two images recently, one at the Vertical Greenhouse page which is an AgriPOD pdf and another at the new Agri POD page (AgriPODelevation.pdf), but I don't see where the AttachmentList page is, and the images are not displaying.

I am going to pick up several old Video that were thought "lost" from Ross Elliott. I am coming down to Toronto for a visit with Ian & Jill and Daliah. But I cannot get to Michigan or down to see Randi. I am very limited with time and will be back to UK and Norway at the first of September for about a month.

But the exciting thing is that I could be in Michigan for a project in Detroit in November, where a Sola Roof pavilion could be a feature at a Festival organized by We Are Detroit? - a regeneration initiative. Thanks for fixing the Linked From feature! I am still working on getting some funding for basic needs for our internet presence. The contract to deliver a Sola Roof to Todd Ecological? will be a big break and encourage more investment and business development (within our social enterprise framework) - so, some exciting things are starting to happen for Sola Roof in America. Jesus bless you and the family!

PS: I just remembered, I think the upload must have the identical name as the file name and that is why my upload seemed to fail.

Are you attempting to attach a PDF doc? (Both end in ".pdf") I suspect PDF files need to be handled differently than Image files. - usa2k

This is an example of text for Vertical Greenhouse

[[Attach:AgriPOD.800by750.pdf |AgriPOD PDF (1.05 Mb)]]

I can call it from any page as well, but I'd need to reference the group/page/file.pdf

[[Attach:SolaRoof.VerticalGreenhouse/AgriPOD.800by750.pdf |AgriPOD PDF (1.05 Mb)]]

Like this: AgriPOD PDF (1.05 Mb) Δ

I see:

Testing ~~~~~


Testing usa2k August 09, 2011, at 05:01 AM


Testing [[~usa2k]]


Testing usa2k

Thanks - I guess I never tried the PDF format before. I will get a jpg format file of these images - and they would display on the page. I think it is better to display the image or at least a thumbnail of the image so that people will notice - and the displayed image will draw interest.