Hi Jim, do you think that the Linked From link at the bottom right navigation bar is working? I have been trying it on a couple pages and I don't think it is operating.

How are you doing? We are going to get a DIY built at the Lindum company - just confirmed the plan and timeline - it will be finished by end of September. I will be back to Montreal mid July - then return to Norway by end of August. Must get to Michigan in the summer! see you and Randi.

Hi Rick, I'll take a look at that link. I see it does not seem to do a proper search.

I know you've been very busy these days. If you get down my way any time (Like to our sister Randi), hopefully Heather and I can meet up with you somewhere.


I believe I made a more effective search Changed ?action=search&text=$Title to ?action=search&q=$Name

True also for the heading such as the "20110629" above

- Usa2k