One Group called Eco Sphere has a number of image uploads, which you can see at Recent Uploads. But on the pages where the images are attached they are not displaying. They were okay a while back, but something has broken these links?

Also, I have got to understand how you are creating the slide presentations and posting them to the page. I look at your Usa2k page and copied the code to paste it on the DIY Food page. But it is not working. When you can, it would be great to display this slideshow on this page. Is it necessary to upload to each group that is using the "mini" Gallery? I would like to understand how to use this tool. - thanks, Rick

Yes, I broke the links when I updated for the Mini gallery app. I have moved them into EcoSphere/EcoSphere so they display, and added Mini:* as a display method. I am not sure what pages the were intended to be on? I can fix those too, if they are different. -- Usa2k

Hmmm ... might not want the pics on Eco Sphere when they are being used in Dodecahedron Shape and perhaps another page? Like the pages these led to (fixed) Eco Sphere Concept Page 1

So, perhaps there can be a page presenting all the mini galleries within that Group with a thumbnail and link to those pages - but I do not understand how to upload to mini - and, can the individual images (within a mini gallery) be attached to specific pages (like I am used to doing) - would that make sense?? or any page can present a slideshow mini gallery like you did at About Sola Roof -Rick

You can use Attach: like you used to. The image can be referred to like it used to if it a new upload because it will be stored in a GroupName/PageName subdirectory when newly uploaded.

To display all images for a group, it would need new code to see what sub-directories exist.

Mini:* will display any image uploaded to a page as thumbnails, and then show as a slideshow if you click a thumb. Usa2k