Fourteen April Log

A note to myself that I wrote the below entry in the wee hours of the morning and suddenly (after getting some sleep and some feedback from Andres and Pm) later in the day - like a few minutes ago everything fell into place. So this entry is part of the quickly obsolete first way that I was trying to Wiki Web Log?. I am just adding this comment to see how comments can work. Your comments are also welcome!

I am trying to be creative and solve a problem using the inherent capabilities of Pm Wiki to creat Log pages in my own Grouped Log pages where the Solaroofguy/RecentChanges will automatically create a record of not only the date but the time of the creation of a Log page (or editing of an existing page from a previous date) and this new page or modified page will go to the top of a list of Log pages. The idea is that the Solaroofguy/RecentChanges page will be open and displayed in the sidebar of the Page Date?(or Page Name? since the date is automatic) as a "live journal". The listed pages can have a snip of key words as part of the record that is generated by the Recent Changes. All of the pages can be accessed randomly from any Log Page since the Recent Changes Sidebar is common for all the pages in the Group.

I have tried to illustrate what this would look like by manually constructing the Side Bar here as it might appear if it was a automatically generated sidebar. The sidebar link list could become too long after a while; therefore, a number of Grouped Log Pages can be created in the format SolaroofguyLogAprilFour/Day# - then next month it would be SolaroofguyLogMayFour/Day# and the list would therefore be limited to a maximum of one month's worth of entries.

The other thing that could keep the navigation links from growing very long would be to make the sidebar a little wider so as to balance the amount of text in the Two Column CSS layout. The individual log entries may be longer or shorter in a random way - so we can never balance the length of the Two Columns.