My new Personal Wiki is Sola Roof Guy, which will be my principle channel for working on all things Sola Roof. It will be built using the wiki setup help that I have been creating at Group Name. Group Name is a generic template wiki to use as a guide to building Group Wiki and Personal Wiki here at Sola Roof. Members are welcome to follow the example and to improve on our template pages as well as discussing how we can make our wiki more easy to use and navigate. More Sleeki Wiki is what we want as we become a community of wiki united in our goal to take the plunge into the Eco Living lifeStyle.

I will also create a Richard Nelson personal wiki that will be used just for my personal stuff as far as I can separate that from the Sola Roof stuff that will go at the Sola Roof Guy wiki. Each of these will have a Calendar and Wiki Blog. So this group will be here for an archive of the startup year of the Sola Roof Wiki. When I am ready to shift over to my new Personal Space then I will update the text of the key pages here so that it will be clear that this space is now for reference but not the active space. Of course activity here about these early steps will still be welcome.