Introduction to Ecological Engineering

Thanks Peter,

I hope that your new center will be a Sola Roof structure. I have recently joined a new yahoo forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/if-wms/

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Peter, after reading your message I thought that you might be interested to know about Ecological Engineering and that the comments below could be of interest.

I just yesterday sent this message to the yahoo/if-wms group:

I would like to suggest inviting: David Del Porto Concord, Massachusetts USA http://www.ecological-engineering.com/delporto.pdf

I suggest looking at his website - a good place to start is: http://www.ecological-engineering.com/solaraquatics.html

I got to know Ecological Engineering in the early 90s when the did consider using a solaroof greenhouse for one of the projects that they were constructing - I hope to renew this relationship once more.

I visited one of the facilities in Cape Cod where raw septic tank sludge was input into a relatively small facility and clean, pathogen free water was released at the output side. What is very interesting is that their system "treats effluent to advanced secondary and tertiary standards through a series of aerated translucent tanks that host plant communities and aerobic microorganisms." These specially chosen plants host particular bacteria within the root mass and these bacteria use biochemical "war" to destroy the bacteria coming into the root matrix.

I did not understand that it is bacteria that are killing the pathogen bacteria. This is the last stage of tertiary cleaning. However, this clean water, that exceeds the public water supply is not "authorized" for drinking. Certainly this level of treatment is very acceptable for creating nutrient solutions for food crop production. The solids that are produced in the earlier anaerobic digester stage of the if-wms are safely introduced into this water to make a bio nutrient solution forfeeding the plants. This treated sludge is very water soluble and provides the "ion exchange capacity" that presents the macro and micro nutrients to the plant roots in the form of these organic molecules, which the plant enzymes can use and therefore absorb the nutrients. Such practices are much superior then the typical "organic gardening" practices of digging manure into growing beds. This is just about as dangerous as using untreated humanure.

One the breakthroughs that vegetarians and vegans should be aware of is that the Mass Algae Culture can provide all the plant growing nutrients needed to produce crops and so we can eliminate livestock as a "concentrator" of nutrients (to get the nitrogen needed for crops).

Obviously, the algae is a pure food for both plants and people. If you can drink algae juice then there is no risk when it is used to grow the higher plants. This knowledge is revolutionary and disruptive and it is based on our new solaroof culture of algae that is many times more productive than growing in natural ponds and needs no land since the system is integral with the roofs of buildings.

We can all be engaged in the processes of if-wms even in an urban and northern climate - build eco shelters, eco homes and eco villages.

Blessings to all, Rick

--- geolchan -geolchan at intnet.mu- wrote: > Dear Bren > > Thank you very much for your useful comments regarding PATHOGENS. It has been one of our MAJOR concerns, of course, but I would welcome more research by more institutions, especially in the rich nations, before we can be completely satisfied that there is NO risk whatsoever. > > This is where WHO (World Health Organisation) has failed us, as I have already mentioned to Lucas Gonzales, a medical doctor from Canary Islands. Since 2002, WHO was supposed to revise the Regulations concerning the use of human (and animal) wastes in agriculture and aquaculture, with or without treatment. Both practices are being done in many countries, as quite a few of them would not survive without it, and we still don't know if it is risky or not.

Some say YES, others say NO. > > I AM AMONG THOSE WHO SAY "YES", AND ADVOCATE THE USE OF FULLY TREATED WASTES ONLY. I believe that after DIGESTION, SETTLING, OXIDATION, and DILUTION, which I do in the IF&WMS, MOST pathogens would die or be 'weakened' that they would not spread diseases. However, I CANNOT be certain of this, and I still recommend COOKING the foods, as we have a convenient source of biogas energy anyway, and avoid eating anything raw like salads. I will also not drink water unless it is boiled for tea. > > Of course, we also have the available biogas energy to heat the substrate and use the thermophilic range in the digester, to ensure complete safety, but the consumers will not do it. The alternative is NOT to use the wastes, but this would mean wastage of 80-85% of our resources, which will also pollute. > > So the least of the evils is the IF&WMS . . . At least it is ECONOMIC and ECOLOGICAL! With a simple precaution like proper cooking with the abundant and convenient biogas, it can be guaranteed SAFE as well. > > Best regards. George

--- Peter J Sullivan -pjsull at verizon.net- wrote: > Gentlemen: > > Some of you have asked for the web sites and the phone numbers for Environmental Technologies, Inc. We have spoken on the phone to some and I will call others to give the story. We are endeavoring to set up a team here in New Jersey to market the HQ Catalyst, as well as introduce it in other places. > > > http://www.EtEarth.com > http://www.a1organics.com > > Dr. Ted Carpenter's number is 208-200-2477 > Tom Gordon's number is 801-356-1888 > > I would also like to see us include building the fertility of the soil with the compost, as part of the mission statement. Here are some web sites on this topic: > > http://www.malcolmbeck.com/articles/foodforthought.htm > http://www.aglabs.com/ > http://www.aglabs.com/newsletters/biotheory_4.html > http://www.crossroads.ws/brix/ > http://www.crossroads.ws/brixbook/BBook.htm > http://www.libertyzone.com/hz-Carey-Reams.html > http://www.christianparents.com/minloss.html > http://www.thefutureisorganic.net/organicnutri.htm > http://www.crossroads.ws/CRActive/PikeAg.htm > http://www.malcolmbeck.com/articles/pushing-up-daisies.htm > > "Modern studies have many times shown that nutrition has an effect on the behavior of animals and humans. Could the root of all the troubles in the world be from over-processed, de-vitalized, chemicalized foods grown in poor soil? Could these facts be too simple to be understood by our powerful but poorly nourished brains???" > Malcolm Beck > > > The Old Farmers Prayer > > Time just keeps moving on > Many years have come and gone > But I grow older without regret > My hopes are in what may come yet. > > On the farm I work each day > This is where I wish to stay > I watch the seeds each season sprout > From the soil as the plants rise out. > > I study Nature and I learn > To know the earth and feel her turn > I love her dearly and all the seasons > For I have learned her secret reasons. > > All that will live is in the bosom of earth > She is the loving mother of all birth > But all that lives must pass away > And go back again to her someday. > > My life too will pass from Earth > But do not grieve, I say, there will be other birth > When my body is old and all spent > And my soul to heaven has went. > > Please compost and spread me on this plain > So my body Mother Earth can claim > That is where I wish to be > Then Nature can nourish new life with me. > > So do not for me grieve and weep > I did not leave, I only sleep > I am with the soil here below > Where I can nourish life of beauty and glow. > > Here I can help the falling rain > Grow golden fields of ripening grain > From here I can join the winds that blow > And meet the softly falling snow. > > Here I can help the sunšs warming light > Grow food for birds of gliding flight > I can be in the beautiful flowers of spring > And in every other lovely thing. > > So do not for me weep and cry > I am here, > > I do not die > By MALCOLM BECK with ROBERT TATE > > > Peter J. Sullivan > 201-967-9794 > >