What a fantastically clean and simple site. I've never seen a wiki look so good - a Sleeki Wiki.

It's made me realise how important user interfaces and clean design are in aiding comprehension. The less noise the better.

For me, what would be of value would be a 'How you can help' section in the wiki. This would allow any visitor to know immediately what he/she could do to help you, even if it just means thinking about the implications of your work and passing them on.


Why, thank you Graham for those kind words and I also enjoyed talking with you on the phone. We can do that interview later in the week or the weekend perhaps. I would like to talk with you after the visit on Friday with Saffa Riffat at Nottingham University School of the Built Environment. We will get a better idea of what the steps could be in our planned development program.

I would be very interested to have more discussion of how our wiki can be even more easy to use and productive and that could happen at the Sleeki Wiki page here or later we could have a special We Wiki? group set up for this purpose. Lucas also suggested a How To Use? page and now you have suggested How To Help? as well as a discussion of a beautiful wiki at Sleeki Wiki?. Now anyone that has some time can click on these edit links and set up this group. Once it is going a bit we can put a link on the navigation sidebar.