internet explorer and the wiki

Hi Rick, no it will not ever work with ie. just about every other modern browser displays correctly. the code is xhtml and css compliant. See links at foot of pages. The only times the compliance checker balks is when some people make non standard accents or apostrophes. it checks fine for structure and style. If you know of someone who can fix it and/or build a fully floating 3 column source ordered (means the semantic information is presented in a logically linear fashion to text readers for the impaired or for rss feeds) layout, that works in all browsers, go for it. maybe the thing to do is redirect ie users to a page that says your browser does not properly display html OR css styling. Please go get one that does (anything but ie) to see this website the way everyone else can.

=>Posted at 10:58 by andres

23 February 2005

02:35 by LucasGonzalez
just suggest getfirefox.com and move on
btw i have a contact for andres in Chile - an open space practitioner
16:01 by Solaroofguy
OK, I have no problem with encouraging people to switch to Foxfire. I am using it and Netscape and the site looks great! So my suggestion is that we have text added to the header (site wide) that says "Page display problems? Your browser is defective! Swich now to FIREFOX" - with the entire line a hyperlink to the Spread Firefox Website. Also, we could have a get firefox button in the footer.
How about some discussion of how we use the third column?