Friends, I am presenting a workshop on sustainable living at this meeting on Saturday - it will be great to see you there!

The Creative Forum would like to invite you to our event at St George's Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park road, on February 12th.

The Creative Forum exists as a space for bringing together different and diverse groups and individuals to meet and share and network alternatives to the conventional way of thinking with regards to global political ecological and ethical relationships. All in a feed-in, feed-out creative atmosphere.

The Creative Forum at St George's Theatre Saturday 12th February, 1pm till very late. St George's Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park road

Networking and Creating Friendships Practical Activism Positive Change

How to Setup a Housing Co-op workshop with Chris Cook

The Conscious Fashion Week (www.conscious-fashion.co.nr), 'sailormars' collection and ethical alternatives The Network for Economic & Political Democracy www.nepd.org.uk - Visions of an alternative to the present corporate controlled state: A World to Win Open Ecology/Solaroof workshop (www.solaroof.org) Conflict resolution and communication skills for creative activists The Magic Carpet Ride free music collaboration (www.infinitepossibility.org) Revolutionation philosophy workshop with the RUB 'Partners in Crime' notes towards a new definition of collaborator with Ernst Travois Positive Global Movements Exhibition including a talk by Jason Harris about the Alberdi community run school in Venezuela The Open Co-op meeting at 1pm (www.open.coop) Philosophy of creative protest Video making and editing workshop with Richard Herring

Post-production for video with open-source software workshop by Antonio Peter Forest from the Green Light Independent Cinema and anti-copyright cinema with main feature 'Team America:

	World Police'

Egyptian dance workshop - VJ Workshops Music Workshops - Stand-Up Comedy and Poetry - - Banner Making - Art Exhibition - Venetian masks display

more tbc.

8pm till very late is the Peace Not War fundraiser: Valentine's 'Make Love Not War' Party!

- Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem - Carpetface - The Rub & Angel (electronic set) - The Unpeople - DJ Rubbish - DJ Disorientalist - Rhythms of Resistance - Samba Band - Robb Johnson - Pok

Hosted by Angel

UKP 5? Entry, donation not aggravation

www.europeancreativeforum.org www.peace-not-war.org

The Creative Forum is an open space for all people to express creative visions of another world: harmony; inclusivity; participation; empowerment; authentic communication

===== Caroline Sinclair

09 February 2005

14:26 by LucasGonzalez
Josef Davis-Coates of open-coop has, along with espians, organised wtf ("wtf's the future") events in London. Everytime I wished I could be there but distance is large. So maybe they can radiate through internet? Maybe we're too close to the date?
In any case - enjoy!