Dear Jonothon,

Dear Jonothon,

As we discussed last week together with David, I thought that it would be quite worthwhile to meet with Gary. Your goals could help to advance both the Open Coop and the Sola Roof Projects. Like the Sola Roof Community, your community - which has activity across the EU and a few centers at other locations around the world - could use the community building, collaboration and communication environment that the Open Coop can provide. Also, we would find the communication between our communities enhanced and that will make it easier and more efficient for our communities to cooperate. Therefore the global, virtual, internet environment will support the many groups and teams that are engaged in planning and implementing local, real world projects that are examples of sustainable living and livelihoods. The Open Coop goal is not only to create momentum in the direction of sustainable living but to support the emerging economy of Cooperative Capitalism and building an economy where wealth is distributed rather then concentrated. This is a world that will be very friendly to sustainable and ethical enterprise. These enterprise will, as they operate, fix and repair the "structural" problems in society.

I am inviting Jonothon (and David) to provide some information and background about your UKPS organization to Gary by email (before our meeting - please copy me). I understand that it is a group within a larger organization which is affiliated with various Universities in Europe and elsewhere. I would like us to explore how an association (partnering) with Open Coop could advance your plans to expand activities in the UK and strengthen your community's projects and collaborations (with Sola Roof) at other sites (Milan, Italy was mentioned) by using the Open Coop resources and perhaps accreditation of these projects with the Open University. This would provide you with the solid foundation to seek EU funding for the proposed project(s).

My schedule next week is still quite flexible and I would suggest that Gary suggest some times that would suite him and we can coordinate by email or at my Log

jonothon Boulter wrote:

Dear Richard,

Good to see you last week.

Tell me when you will be meeting Gerry Alexander this week or next and me and David can detail him of all the EU/Cairn background and how we can work with the OU. Rene my co-ordinating Director says that Cairn/EU wishes to work with the OU.