Solaroof forum sets new highs

The pace of messages at the yahoo/solaroof forum is exploding. I promise that I will do my best to keep up and interact with all the stuff that is happening there. I do have a back log of replies but I am trying to keep current.

At the moment I have gone out the local library to use a Windows Explorer browser and see how the wiki is displaying it is still not good. The body (center column) leaves lots of empty space at the top of the page. The text begins at the tail of the Sidebar. In the Log group the calendar and quotes from entries is showing up at the bottom of the center column rather than the right column, which is empty. This is MS Explorer V6 on a wide screen and XP os.

This moring I had a quick word with Gary Alexander (http://open.coop) about our "partnering" with their project with the support of the Open University and the participation of other strategic partners. Gary has not chosen a wiki tool yet to integrate with the Open Coop environment so it would be great if we could discuss using Pm Wiki. Other partners could be Firefox, Skype and perhaps Barter Card?.

=>Posted at 07:57 by Solaroofguy

27 January 2005

13:43 by Lucas Gonzalez
I'm looking into http://www.bartercard.com
What would the partnership be like? I'm looking into it to see if they operate in Spain - you want that information too.