Jeraldine and I drove up to visit with Harvey and Lauren Rayner who have built a Sola Roof greenhouse. It is a practical size for a serious backyard greenhouse enthusiast. Harvey is just at the stage where he will be building a couple of bubble generators. It was great to meet with them and we had a wonderful time discussing how the Sola Roof concepts work. The Liquid Solar processes for capture and storage of the solar thermal energy while at the same time the processes control the temperature and humidity within the structure. I was really nice to meet these internet friends in person and this will add a depth to our continuing collaboration.

We also looked at the Sola Roof Wiki on Harvey's computer (and he has a new broadband connection now) and I am sorry to say that using MS Explorer the pages are not displaying correctly - even in Netscape there were errors. Especially in the display of the Wiki Log? like this one. The columns are floating on top of each other and the whole thing is impossible to read on his PC.

But at home on my PC and using Netscape I am getting a perfect display of the Log pages - everything in its proper column and placed properly - no empty space or other problems. Don't know why my computer shows these pages perfectly while others don't. Any feedback on this is welcome.

25 January 2005

03:09 by LucasGonzalez
Using Mozilla Firefox (http://getfirefox.com), no problem.
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the sidebar displays correctly, and when it's time to display the middle column ("Solaroofguy Log | 2005 01 24" and below) it starts left-and-below "Pm Wiki Home Site". The "calendar" is also below this "content" column.
My guess is we can safely blame Internet Explorer for not being standards compliant. Maybe the pages can be run through a css validator such as the one that can be found http://www.w3.org/ but still that wouldn't solve the problem if it's Internet Explorer's fault.
update: I've tried the css validator at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ using this page's url and there are some errors. Maybe if this is fixed it's still a Microsoft thing.
03:11 by LucasGonzalez
Also, font is much smaller when using Internet Explorer (version 5.00)
03:16 by LucasGonzalez
http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates/homepage has some icons, in case you want to suggest people using Firefox, at least while a more transparent (heh!) solution is being worked on.
We could also try with another browser(s): Opera http://www.opera.com is gratis if you put up with the advertising.
03:22 by LucasGonzalez
Opera works perfectly. (I don't even see advertising right now. :-?)

26 January 2005

14:15 by andres
Ugh. It now all validates, xhtml and css.
Works in every modern browser except ie ;)
Time to do some redirects. Anyone know how to browser detect in php?
17:09 by Lucas Gonzalez
Google "php detect browser" gives quite a few links. Not that I know php myself!
http://www.webmasterbase.com/article/619 seems to do the job - hope this helps!
17:10 by Lucas Gonzalez