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Back on line today

Computers are back from the shop and both working fine but the wireless network is still not functioning properly. However, I will wait a while before trying again to get that fixed since I have so much email to catch up on. One of the things I want to do now is to try out Skype - so those of you that have broadband - you can Skype me anytime that you see I am on line. My Skype name is Solaroofguy.

Now I am looking at the Wiki in my Netscape Browser and I am very pleased to report that all pages are displaying fine. The Profiles group has a 2 column CSS layout that displays fine. The Sola Roof group has a 3 column css and is displaying fine but I am thinking what we can show in the empty right column? Perhaps more navigation assistance. I was thinking that perhaps it is possible to display the 10 most recent changes for the Group and display the Linked From list of pages. Or should we just have.

I don't konw how the site looks in MS Explorer but I am happy with the result in Netscape.

I was just reading my post and came back to edit some of my aweful spelling mistakes. It sure is nice to be able to edit entries.

Thanks Andres for the Log - it is really easy to use.

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20 January 2005

11:43 by Solaroofguy
Thanks Andres, this is looking really great.