New 'Wikilog' functionality

Bold numbers on the calendar indicate a log entry. Click on any date to create a log for that day or to edit an existing one. Let me know if it doesn't work...

  • Hi Andre, I also commented on this at your log: in MS Explorer (which I am using at a library commputer because my machines are at the shop) I do not see a three column diplay.
    • There is empty page above, the the central column starts to display at the tail of the sidebar, and the right column is completely empty. However the text in the central column is displayed properly. Except that I noticed that the Sola Roof Homepage? is not displaying some formating (bullet formating is not displayed here either) and this might be the case with some other pages since I will not have time to take a big look. It will be interesting to see how this works with my Netscape browser and I will also be trying Firefox soon. - Solaroofguy

=>Posted at 16:42 by andres