I have been in touch with the Architects For Humanity organization who's director Cameron Sinclair replied to this recent message that I have sent out to some of their membership (an a similar version posted to some our our Yahoo forum communities) on the subject of Tusnami Reconstruction?.

With advice from my visit in Tenerife with Lucas I have the following developments to report:

I have found the http://www.committedtogreen.com website and the email of the Director, david.stubbs@committedtogreen.org whom I will send an introductory letter. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop a relationship with this industry and I think that we could do a fantastic project in the Canaries and Spain. I shall try to get some feedback from David Stubbs and I will keep our team posted on these exchanges in future Log entries and maybe some new Wiki pages on the subject.

I have found some very interesting new information about a Bio Fuel? energy future based on Mass Algae Culture that can be a key factor in the adoption of Sola Roof Technology. I will be talking with at researcher Michael Briggs, University of New Hampshire, Physics Department who published Widescale Biodiesel Production from Algae at: http://www.unh.edu/p2/biodiesel/article_alge.html

I have created more content on the subject of Mass Algae Culture Our golf course Blue Green projects would produce nutrient & compost for golf greens and energy and fresh water - making golf enterprises more profitable and providing environmental benefits.