There are changes coming to the Sola Roof Wiki?. During the last weekend we had a never ending attacks on the SolaRoof HomePage that convinced me that it will be most practical to invite individuals to be editors and content authors after we have had a chance to get to know them and established that they are here to be positive contributors to our collaborative work.

We will ask those who would like to participate to establish their identity and give members a chance to get to know each one before extending an invitation to join our team. This will assure our productivity and protect our work from abuse and vandalism that is possible in a wiki that gives free access to anyone - including vandals that have no purpose but to disrupt our activity.

We will establish a "reputation" system that will help us to build a community that is built on trust that is earned by an individual by making increasing levels of participation in the development of our community. At first this will be very simple where any existing member will be able to extend membership to any individual who has created a Profiles Page and made an introduction that has attracted positive feedback from other members. We will not withhold participation to anyone with a sincere interest to work with us to build a sustainable future.

We will remain open to everyone who is sincerely interested to contribute to our collaboration. Naturally all parts of our wiki will remain open to everyone to read. Also, I expect that we will provide a comment system that is open to anyone and will be published to the page after it has be viewed by one of our members.

These are the concepts that will guide the development of the Sola Roof Wiki? for the next phase of development - one that will see many more members participating and also the development of a family of Open Eco Wiki? within the framework of Pm Wiki. I look forward to feedback from our current members. The new system for participation will be implemented together with an upgrade to PmWiki2.

Regards to all - Rick