Hi Jeff,

I do wonder about Schwarzenegger's intention to be an actual hero and about how this could be a lever at an important media time frame before an election - to really get some serious attention paid to the Cold Ocean Water solution to California's energy problems and sustainable development in the future. The cold water is a completely free and clean resource and the engineering practices for using it directly to replace building air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration are already available and proven to be 10 to 20 times more efficient than standard practices. See: http://solaroof.org/pmwiki6/pmwiki.php/SolaRoof/ColdWaterResources

All that is needed is some demonstration projects. One of the most effective would be an Eco Cafe? that is a small scale demonstration project that can be relocated to waterfront sites at various locations along the coast. This is a very accessible project for citizens to experience and spend some time in an environment that is cooled and climate controlled by using PV solar electric to pump the cooling ocean water. It is an example of Blue Green? design and can show how plants can be used to create fresh water, biomass, food and shade for comfort using the Sola Roof Garden? methods. It will show how our natural, low energy lifestyle should always incorporate transparent roof covers and a roof level leaf canopy - so that all our built environment can be actively engaged for Eco Living?.

There is nothing here that is not immediately doable and within reach. To bad we only have a few weeks now to the actual election date. However, a project is going to be done could still be announced and explained and the politicians could be asked to take a position on this and to make election promises to support a serious exploration of the opportunities for bring "Free Energy?" to California. Here is one site that is making an effort on the political side:

An Eco Cafe? is a drop-in center for the community to visit and use for discussion and to raise the awareness about Eco Living and the need for the high consumption populations to make a lifestyle change and to show practical solutions that will support that lifestyle transformation. There are many wealthy media people that could be approached to sponsor the Eco Cafe? or even look at it as a Social Enterprise (maybe Starbucks). If one is successful then more could be built because each one will touch a larger number of people and become a continuous center for creating change in that community. Also, while the building can be relocated easily, the living plant canopy would also need to be re-established after each relocation. Systems will still function immediately, but more effectiveness will be provided as the plants become well established. Some of the plants could be harvested for herbs and ingredients in the food that could also be served.

I am in touch with the Shell Foundation here in London and if we had a firm sponsor and I would say that Shell or BP Solar could provide support on the PV (cold water pumping) system. On the structure and transparent cover system I am now going into production with my associated manufacturing company TAG International (www.tag-int.com) and delivery of the project and logistics for using this Eco Cafe? as a mobile "road-show" is available from ESS (www.ess-uk.com) who know all the big entertainment stars. ESS is also partnering in the Almeria Project.

I keep praying for a breakthrough and this is such a sensitive time. It is critical that we use it to make gains for our sustainable living agenda. Our freedoms and our very lives are at stake. Somewhere in California there is the money and will to show people that solutions are close at hand, infinitely abundant and free. The efficiency is so great that the savings to California (50,000 Meg Watts? peak power demand - more than half for building cooling and lighting) is literally in the Billions of dollars but the benefit to the environment is priceless. Not only that, but the further development of the State can continue on a sustainable path that will not restrict the prosperity of a growing population.

I do hope that the People of California will respond to this invitation for collaboration - together we can build a sustainable future.

Hope to hear from you soon - Rick

jeff buderer wrote:

>Rick, About the election idea, I am willing to work with you on that. We actually have some connections that might help to make that happen. So send me your ideas.


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