I will be going to visit Almeria, Spain - the trip that was delayed - and I will spend a few days with Ray Murray. Ray sent me this inspiring and encouraging email that I must share:

Dear Richard,

Just a quick note since I am about to leave for work...

The week of the 19th of July would be fine with us. I am really looking forward to both you and Jeraldine coming over to Almeria. I am sure you will both love the area.

Regarding your suggestions about working together, I would be delighted to do so.

My way of looking at this is basically that there is something wonderful that would love to be born in the world. I usually refer to that something wonderful as a Godflower, since it is of the God-flow.

The work in Almeria is one of the petals of that Godflower.

The people who are dedicated to enabling that Godflower to be borne all around the world, are basically working to facilitate three things:

The Reality of the Christ, which is Joy. The Essene of the Christ, which is Love. The Office of the Christ, which is Truth.

What that will eventually look like does not really matter, what matters is that it is enabled and allowed to be born.

And that team of people who are working on this are working in Unison, they simply all have not yet met. I have no doubts that you and Jeraldine are on that team, as am I.

Therefore, in relation to all of your ideas and suggestions regarding our working together, I would be delighted to do so in any way that naturally and truly supports the above. Your suggestions sound great and I feel we could do some brilliant things together.

The work I have personally been doing out in Almeria, here in the UK and elsewhere has basically been preparatory work...and it's time for the cavalry to arrive...feels like they are on the way!

Lots of love to you all,


Please add your comments if you wish.
We will leave London on Saturday the 17th of July and will be on the road for about 10 days