Hi Eco Living friends,

I have found something that I wrote about four years ago and with a little brushing up it seems to fill in the big gap - the missing Eco Living page that is now created - but I will consider this a page to work on continuously as we begin to really understand what it means to know how to practice the art of sustainable living and to create sustainable livelihoods.

I have also recieved by snailmail the report of Dr. George Chan which was the subject of Jeff Buderer's letter of yesterday and I am able to make some comments there now. This is wonderful material and Dr. Chan is now 80 years and wishes to share his profound knowledge of Integrated Farming? and Waste Management Systems?.

I have also sent a letter to Tim Smit to encourage the Eden Project to take a risk and become a Pioneer here in the UK. And I have started to work on an idea for a Youth Project for the Sola Roof Community. I have bounced this off of Tom at http://www.mysociety.org and also one of the people at TakingITGlobal.

Also found an interesting resource for opensource software and ICT applications. Also there is NGO-IN-A-BOX STARTER BOX from South Africa and also a similar resource from the EU