I just edited the older (obsolete system) entry called Fourteen April Log and it came to the top of my Log Activity list and that indicates that any given file (log entry) is only listed one time and it will be listed chronologically at the date and time that it was last edited. That entry predated this one but it became first on the list after it was edited. Now I presume that when I save this Log Page that it will have the top slot. This shows that the active LogPages will be highest on the list and this information together with the Log Page Date? or the Log Page Date Extension? will be the useful information to look at to see when a page was first created. A popular page that is created some time ago but not renamed (just edited) will keep floating up the list. This brings the most visited pages directly to the top of the list so that if you are picking a page with an old first created Date Name? that is on top then it is likely to be an interesting page that has been saved often.

I have never seen the like of this in any Web Log? or Live Journal? that I have looked at. I think that this is a simple, no nonsense result that is better then other calendar indexes that I have seen. I still think that they are rather "cute" and not necessarily the way to go - although most people are very familiar with this indexing method. Perhaps we could use a calendar system as an alternate system to explore the Log.

I am updating today's entry to say that I am quite pleased with this system. It will create a series of pages that are organized on a time line and which readers will know is a place for me to "think out loud" and get the benefit (I do hope!) of hearing from YOU. My first Log pages (three of them ) are now linked from here as the First Log Entries. I am glad the first approach is obsolete so fast because it was too manual. Later - Rick

This is the first test of my Wiki Web Log layout where I am using the inherent functionality of Pm Wiki to operate a simple and powerful daily (even hourly) log. But this term does not do justice to this system since it is more powerful (for communication then a Live Journal? since anyone can initiate a page and their identity, time of edit and a Log Date Topic? can be entered to create a new Log Page or the same Log Page that someone else (probably me!) has already created can be edited to provide new content or comments. Please do not edit my writing (except for spelling or grammer - no spell check here) in my Personal Log. I am able to say what I think here since, unlike the Wiki, this is not a collaborative but a place for personal viewpoints.

Comments can appear anywhere and can be signed by the contributor. Please do register as a User Name at the Wiki so that you are automatically backlinked whenever you edit. You can also create Page Names? within this Group so that you can link to a larger document within these Grouped Pages?. This can help if you do not know where to put some information in the Wiki itself. Perhaps you don't know if it fits in an existing Wiki Topic? or you are not confident about creating a new page at the Wiki. You could create the content in page here or in your own Personal Space where you can invite discussion. It can then be decided where content will fit into the Wiki TopicNames - which is sometimes not an easy decison.

Anyway I will save this now and that will automatically date and time stamp this entry and post it to the Log Activities navigation link. Let's see what happens!