Youth Project

Briefly, in review, we know that Sola Roof is about opensource technology for solar structures that provide, daylight, heating, cooling, food and water using an ecological life support technology that is integrated into these "living structures". However it is not so obvious that these modular, lightweight, transparent fabric shelters - easily knocked down, low volume for transport - are inherently nomadic and portable. These "tents for the 21st century" are high science, low tech, low energy and low cost and can be specially designed to the needs of transient individuals. I would like to establish a youth orientated network of "Knowmadic" campgrounds as youth sustainable living projects that will use and develop such portable living modules.

The projects would be organized by youth through a Wiki Web? that would be a sub community of the Sola Roof Community. It would have the general support of the Sola Roof Wiki and the youth community would contribute to our knowledge base as well as develop their special application for Knowmadic projects. Geoff Gilbertson of Third-Voice and some of his associates are interested to join the Knowmadic team. The developers of the Peace Channel?.org and the are supporters of this youth initiative. The purpose of their support is to bring in artistic and media individuals, who are willing to be role models, to participate in facing the real challenges of developing sustainable lifestyles. In this respect we are also associated with the Educultural Network, which is establishing a network of properties across the EU that will host sustainable living projects - this could include Knowmadic campsites.

To knit together these activities we are proposing a internet based communication collaboration and team & relationship building through an Open Eco Commuity? associated wiki called This network would be built on Open Source? software, using the of Pm Wiki as our base application. We currently operate Sola Roof Wiki on Pm Wiki; hosted by the developer, Prof. Patrick Michaud of Texas A&M University. It is possible that the We Wiki? would be operating on servers based here in London; this depends on the funding support that could be available. It would become an integral part of the multimedia PeaceChannel program - providing new "reality tv style" programs that document real people's (including youth and their families) challenges and changes that contribute to building a sustainable future. All these new developments would be well integrated with the Sola Roof Wiki and reflects our goal of building a wider Open Eco Community. I am looking for funding to cover the cost of paid positions for myself and Geoff and to cover initial organizational and operating costs. The Knowmadic projects and We Wiki? are expected to become self funding within one or two years.

There will be chapters in many countries, but my intention is to provide personal leadership for this development in the UK. I am interested to talk with any advisors to EU or UK government programs for ICT. I am looking for any offers of support and help to move this concept ahead (anywhere in the world) and to be pointed in the right direction for government and charitable funding sources.