Kingdom Living

Among different networks there are terms used to create a common objective and these are important to define our goals and mobilise cooperation and progress from ideas to action.

A key expression is "sustainable development" which was born out the growing consensus that, while the poor countries of the world need economic development it is important that this development is sustainable over the long term. In more recent times the issue is not only that development is economically sustainable but that it is also environmentally sustainable.

However, in recent decades we have greater uncertainty of what model of development can be called sustainable. The focus was on the "undeveloped countries, who were also referred to as "lessor developed countries" that is, an LDC. But as the examination of what is truly environmentally sustainable got more intense, it appeared that among the most unsustainable are the wealthy, industrialized nations. This new perspective came about as a deeper understanding emerged about the problems of our modern "growth" economies that require constant increases in consumption to enable "prosperity" - which includes increasing jobs, incomes and profits. However, this "growth model" was seen to be the source of the greatest challenges to sustainability.

It is the prevalent model of "development" that has failed. Therefore, I noted even back at the time of the second global summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 in South Africa, that the term sustainable development itself required examination. At that time I proposed in letters and in the online forums of the conference, that the more appropriate focus is not development but "living" and I began to write about and focus my attention on the challenges for Sustainable Living.

Then as many others picked up on the term Sustainable Living but seemed to not draw a line under what would be excluded from development under this standard (which in my view must be Chemical Dependent Agriculture) and so, for me the intended distinction in meaning has be destroyed and so I invented another term: Eco Living. I hope that the meaning of Eco Living will not be eroded by use that is unintended. The intention is to speak of homes and communities that are in total balance and synergy with nature, having no dangerous or toxic inputs and no emissions or release of any pollutant or dangerous or damaging affects on the environment, while also enhancing the biodiversity and resiliency of the the local and planetary ecosystems. This standard of Eco Living is possible when homes and communities are designed with the principles of Ecomimicry Architecture, which is a fusion of Closed Ecological Life Support Systems and the built environment.

The above is the scientific approach to the subject - but for those who have an interest in the deeper levels of insight that give rise to my design, I would now like to introduce a new and much more profound concept: Kingdom Living. I will write more about this subject as the inspiration comes upon me. Let me just say for now that tuning in to Nature is more powerful when a person also connects first with the Creator and the unfolding plan for his Creation, which is that we must now enter the Kingdom and live in the light and truth of the Holy Spirit and the spirit will teach us how to live. Should we seek the Kingdom of God first then all our needs will be given to us - even as our Lord has promised.

When our Agri POD and other Eco Living solutions are replicated far and wide, people will be amazed at the wonder of the abundance and out of this experience they will reconnect with the true power and grace of the Father and thus rescued by grace from hunger, poverty, disease and suffering and freely given all hope, evidence of loving provision, and then understanding brings a vast appreciation for the One who is in all and created all.

We will realize that many a person has come between the Father and his children who have claimed ownership over what belongs to the Lord, and these men have made themselves to be gods, lording over the children of God, exploiting the land, destroying and depleting because of their claim. We put off these false lords and accept that our Lord is within and each person is a dwelling place of Glory and Spirit. This is the true Human Spirit - one in God, one in Creation, one in Faith. We are all united and now for the sake of Creation - for the health and life of the planet that is our home - we must now act in global unison to protect our children and the home that is so abundant in LIFE.

In this unison we will find true wealth and no longer will poverty, hunger and thirst exist on earth and our lives will demonstrate the truth of Christ's teaching: when we seek Kingdom Living first, then all we need will be given. Right action now is to put off the pattens of limited, materialistic living and to build up the new City of Light - starting with our homes transformed to dwelling places of life and light that stream with waters and fruits of Nature's abundance and God's love for all people. It is not our infinite God, Author of Creation who has disappointed humanity and brought the people and the whole world to a point of crisis and impending disasters. The Father is not responsible for lack of water and food for his children - such results are the work of men who have put self-interest ahead of the needs of others. What capacity have these men now to put right the wrongs that they have perpetrated? No, they themselves are now the ones declaring their bankruptcy - it is time that we learn to how to DIY - with God's grace we all can prosper and live in abundance.

Kingdom Living is the vision and therefore living as Kingdom Builders is the mission. Success with this mission will open the eyes of many and each may come to appreciate that we have a wonderful and powerful Creator who is the source and spirit in life and in all Nature. The world is prepared by suffering and by revelation to enter the Kingdom on God: His will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Thus, my prayer is for action to pioneer together Kingdom Living.