Kingdom Builders

I pray that I will be one of many Kingdom Builders coming together in a global collaboration for building a human environment that is not only in balance with Nature but is restorative and may heal the damages inflicted by the prevalent life style of ignorance and greed. The vision of such an Eco Habitat has been referred to throughout the history of all cultures and religion and there is an anticipation that people who are aligned with God will live again in a state of divine grace - a return to Eden - a Divine City descended from Heaven - dwellings born of Spiritual knowledge - an environment that provides for all our needs through grace - Kingdom Builders create places where we live in peace with one and all.

Kingdom Living is a guiding principle - it is a vision but there is also a practice that will make this vision a reality - and this is what I am referring to as the mission of Kingdom Builders. There is no doubt that sustainability goals and knowledge of Eco Living are important steps that are essential for progress on the path to building sustainable communities for all. We will collaborate and work on creating a "built environment" that will come to be a reflection of our most inspired vision for Kingdom Living. We can learn by doing and we can be led by Spirit, which takes us beyond the limitations that is imposed by material constraints. When we focus on Life then the natural abundance of ecological systems can supply all the needs of daily life. There is a world of difference when we employ organic and biological systems and turn away from our over-dependancy on mechanical, physical, chemical technology.

This paradigm shift is not based on aversion to technology - but on a newly emerging appreciation that the limitations that we struggle with (the lack of results with goals to eliminate hunger and provide renewable energy) are built into our current absorption with destructive, oxidizing, toxic and extractive/exploitive technology.

We need to understand that there is healthy and unhealthy (a right and wrong) type of technology and the sooner that humanity has learned this lesson - that there can be big short term gain from technology that is unhealthy/destructive, but not long term success - then we can shift the focus to beneficial technology that can sustain life in all diversity and abundance (including the human life). For example, firing forests had the result of expanding grasslands that made deer and other game more abundant. But - on the the long term - these ongoing interventions for grazing and grain mono-crops has cumulatively resulted in destruction of the planet's natural ecological systems. After millennia of destructive human interventions and with our population growth, it is now urgent to implement a paradigm shift to enable food, water and energy abundance produced by emerging breakthroughs for Sola Roof and the W 2 F 4 E technologies, which can be integrated within our built environment - we call this Ecomimicry Architecture for building the Eco Village that is accessible to even the poorest of people.

This paradigm shift is supported by a deeper Spiritual insight leading to a realization of how our life is connected with all life and the complex ecological systems that create the conditions for life to thrive. This Spiritual level of knowing and loving all life is the key to our capacity to learn from our inner super-intelligence, but while our cultures condition people to a blindness and skepticism about our access to inner Truth, then we are held back from this deep knowledge and we are thereby constrained and shackled and suffer loss of freedoms that would otherwise be our natural inheritance.

The conditioning that we struggle with is one that will keep us in a relative state of poverty and those who claim wealth have no capacity to bring true prosperity to the majority of people because they have merely gained power over the prevalent system of exploitation that is not creating abundance but is actually a redistribution of "ownership" of things and materials and even people (as consumers). The ownership of all resources, treated as commodities, is determined by power (force) and is a distortion of the natural right of all people to personal freedoms and dignity and is gained without due regard to Life and the wellbeing of people and planet.

These conclusions are not an attack on what was and is still the prevailing system of exploitative paradigms, but rather has a purpose to focus awareness on the need for change - deep change that will redefine the economic system and create a new dynamic for emergence of patterns that will prosper people for the long term and which are not going to degrade the environment to the point of no possibility of recovery. We need to have regard for the restoration of the ecological carrying capacity of nature because the future generations otherwise cannot survive. This is also a conclusion that calls on our Spiritual connection to the future generation and to support by our action their potential to be happy and prosperous. They have counted on our capacity to perceive and respect the balance of human life with the living planet. This is our mission as Kingdom Builders.