Call To Motivated Moms

Call to Motivated Moms

The world as it has been been designed and built by men is now almost exclusively providing unhealthy, processed, synthetically grown GMO food. The food supply chain, starting with agribusiness dependency on a global system of annual, mono-crop grain, bean and sugar crops, that then feeds into the processed food and factory farm industry, has created a dependency on oil, petrochemicals and synthetic fertilizers that has a death grip on the global economy. World populations - including "consumers" who have enough and the poor who hunger - are locked into supply and consumption patterns with the power of an addiction. This is dangerous to the life and health of all people - on both sides of the widening poverty/hunger gap - everyone is now threatened by the food we eat/lack and by the impending collapse of the global grain supply system, which accounts for 80% of the global food source. (See:“closing the hunger gap”)

There is a little know "backstory" to our food crisis. The unexposed truth is that grain and sugar crops are dominant in production and in our diet because they are "strategic weapons" of a civilization consumed by warfare. Even more difficult to take in is the idea that these agriculture practices have a purpose to impoverish, devitalize and subjugate the majority of people (the 99%). However, while the billion hungry, the world over, have no power to change their fate, the middle-class Motivated Moms across America, have the means and the power to "change the game".

Who are the "Motivated Moms"? These women are waking up to the danger of factory-food and GMO grains, beans and sugars as feedstock and feed for processed food and meats. The danger that they find unacceptable is the threat to the health and natural growth and development of their children. Providing good food for the protection of their children is a drive fuelled by love and passion that is without limit.

Yes, men, preocuppied with the game of “power over” people and planet, have failed to provide food for the good health of their families. I am therefore counting on the women of the world, especially the Motivated Moms of America. My goal is to reach these Motivated Moms with a solution for family food security and nutrition from the backyard and schoolyard with the lifePOD. lifePOD enables Motivated Moms to harvest fresh food every day from this little space in the backyard.

Motivated Moms, can come together to co-create the POD Club, as a Benefits Corporation, to apply their collective purchasing power to attract Open Source suppliers who will bid to supply the lifePOD, thus lowering cost of supply and building a movement for local, regenerative food across the USA and reaching out around the world. The POD Club provides the hardware and supports the adoption of lifePOD by ready access to a DIY Kit at the lowest cost. POD Club is affiliated with the POD Pioneers initiative to establish POD Works Global - this related, parallel project is supporting young entrepreneurs in the communities to be 21st Century Vertical Farmers, as they also apply the same Open Source platform, Sola Roof, for abundant provision of Food, Energy + Water (FEW) for the local community.

As the inventor of the Open Source technology and eco-innovaton, called Sola Roof, I am "teaming up" and "Working Openly" with a wonderful core group of Motivated Moms in communities across America with the purpose to facilitate your action plan as it unfolds. The goal is to empower women and I want to explore with you the health/wellness mission that is at the core of the Motivated Moms' lifePOD adaptation, which I hope will emerge as a campaign and drive a movement to take back control of our food. The mission is to bring food growing and eating into close proximity again, as a foundation for resilient, peaceful and prosperous communities. The evangelistic outreach from those who have a lifePOD, to teach others, will propagate widely because of the excitment and enthusiasim that comes easily when we learn to work with mother nature and can build a little "bubble of protection" for the family.

This is a little backyard product, but with a big vision to go viral to save and heal everyone, everywhere - one family at a time! lifePOD is a practical demonstration that proves scarcity is contrived, which is revealed and affirmed by your direct experience. Motivated Moms thriving in communities all around the world connecting and sharing experience builds an environment for global heart coherence to emerge as a foundation for lasting peace. Talented teams are coming together and you may be one of these first few who will gather together, and with "active hope" our collective action may make the difference to turn the tide and avert the most dire projections for the future. As a member of POD Club you will know what to do and have a lifePOD operational or at the very least you will have the know how, when (not if) the long and fragile chain of supply to your super market is broken and the shelves are emptied. This is a serious question for anyone who is concerned about “worst case scenarios”; where will your food, energy and water come from?

I have detailed plans to share with you that would enable the Motivated Moms program to launch at the SoCal Women's Health Conference Oct 31, 2015 - where lifePOD could be showcased with support of organizers Lena Kennedy and Carmelita Pittman - provided our team can deliver. There is much preparation to do - to build and deliver/operate the showcase lifePOD - this activity needs to be set in motion immediately.

I have been blessed with gifts of invention, and as a Christian, I seek insight for closer alignment with God’s Will, and Jesus called to us to be his friends and co-workers preparing the way for the "coming kingdom". We know that the “end days”, which is the time of transformation and rebirth, will be a hard labor with severe tests and overwhelming challenges. How do we prepare; what do we do? Do we give in to fear, and respond by building a bunker or "hideaway"? Or do we co-create the new paradigm of “closed ecological environments”, like lifePOD, as forerunners of ecological architecture for our homes. Early adopters of such lifestyle innovations must have the material means, but more importantly, be visionaries who have a heart for making the world a better place. I look back to the years when I was very materially blessed, but when I did not know Jesus and could not see my true purpose, and ask: how is it, that now when I see my purpose, I have marginal resources to do the kingdom building work? What will be, in my life, and for everyone, the tipping-point that enables most people to awaken and mobilize the needed resources to engage as Kingdom Builders?

My hope is that lifePOD may be a tipping-point idea, as it invites a small, practical step for families to take to gain control of our food and each lifePOD seeds the world with the experience and access to a new, close connection with nature, which the agribusiness, factory and processed food industries will resist with all the force that they can muster. But if we step out in faith, with the empowerment of “Active Hope” (Joanna Macy) can seek a WAY to live in harmony and synergy with Creation and to let go of the way of the world, which we witness all around us: the battle to gain power over nature/people and exploit her/us to death.

The lifePOD creates a little bubble of protection for the family with “regenerative ecological life-support” that will not be overwhelmed by the "man-made" evils of pollution (pharmaceutical, chemical, biological) and contamination (Nuclear fallout, bioconcentration) of the biosphere and corruption of life (of DNA with GMO) that exposes all of humanity to dangers of illness and detorioration/loss of health and wellness. Those "consumer populations" that have plenty of food are beginning to see that this unhealthy synthetic food is slowly killing adults and disrupting childhood development. The starving, poor people of the world are now completely dependent on "aid" consisting not of real food but is "feed" derived from GMO grains, beet/cane/corn sugar and soybean  - and have no more choice than the livestock on the factory farms - they eat toxic, polluted, corrupted food or starve.

My personal faith in Jesus inspires me to call on women of faith to ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit to make this little space in your life for change, if you feel the lifePOD answers the Master's call to action. The key is to not respond in isolation - talk to everyone about this response. (see my letter to Christians ) I share this message with both my Christian friends and everyone in my life and circles of friends - we must do this work together. Jesus calls us to gather, in his Name, to win one small victory, for in the body of Christ the victory of one is a victory for all. We need but one breakthrough to empower people everywhere to be inspired to action. 

You may have no money, but there are those in your life who have the means (individually, or if not, then collectively) to use their own money, or to gift it to empower our mission, to enable the work of building a lifePOD. Even now, before a large response and adoption leads to “best cost” supply, you will find the DIY solutions for growing real food and harvesting it fresh every day from the lifePOD will recover the cost of the lifePOD within only a few months. WE can mobilize when we combine the skills and knowledge that everyone has to offer - we have our voice to call on each other for help and we can shine brightly with the spark of inspired unison in action. In the schoolyards of the nation, we may, as responsible adults, let the little children come, with bright smiles and laughter to play and learn, within the "bubble of protection" that any community can establish in the schoolyard: the lifePOD.

Sisters in Christ, in the depths of his heart your man has a passion to provide safe and secure food for the family, pray about this and God may inspire you to see what I am poorly trying to express. There are many people in your life who will also see the vision: that God will give us Grace that secures our essential needs, as Christ said:

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33).

If we put this promise to the test, we will see that our Lord is our true provider and that Creation is born out of God's abundance - while it is the man-made systems, to which we have been conditioned, that are contrived to hold people in a state of "poverty" and assure that scarcity will dominate our lives. It is the man-made systems of agriculture that are failing, and which have been taken to such an extreme scale-of-use that this failure is, in our present era, a threat to earth's ecosystems.

I am counting especially on the Motivated Moms who are currently feeling helpless in the "consumer economies" to become the drivers for a movement to liberate food from the control of the exploitive combines of agribusiness, factory and precessed food sectors (sectors that have partnered in exploitation with big energy, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries). Moms will have an alternative to the commercial super-market retail food purchase: daily food, fresh from the backyard lifePOD. Reconnecting with nature in the lifePOD is an answer for every mom who is living in fear of the factory food, which is all that she can access as a consumer.

While I continue this focus on backyard lifePOD (100 to 200 FT2), I also have a mission for POD Net, attracting entrepreneurs to be POD Pioneers (1000 to 2000 FT2) in communities. To inspire collective action we can build the Sola Roof Coop, Working Openly to design, engineer and deliver a Vertical Farm of 10,000 FT2 for the Veterans to tranform from “Protectors to Providers”. All our Sola Roof solutions are Open Source and free for non-commercial use, while commercial members of the community (Open Source suppliers/manufacturers and growers) are called to Pay It Forward out of 1% of related revenues.

Friends of Sola Roof, if you can introduce anyone who could be an Angel Investor to help with any of these missions as a Co Missioner, then I would love to have a conference call. Or if you know someone in your area that wants to build a lifePOD with a team, or who wants to be among the first POD Pioneers, or local Veterans who could startup a Sola Roof Vertical Farm, then please let me know. I would be very pleased to support any action you might be inspired to make - you will find a way to pioneer the better life that we hope for - knowing that God has a plan to prosper us. Together, in a cloud-connected collaboration, we can meet the challenge to have good food - when we grow it! Will Motivated Moms, who in caring for the health of children, be the ones to mobilize real change, by the application of “livingry” (life-supporting-life) in the backyard?

The science background, known as CELSS is presented here: Closed Ecological Life Support Systems

This is the only equivalent development similar to lifePOD, which was a major program of NASA. With a renewed excitement about humans living in Space, I encourage women and girls who are pioneering the lifePOD solution to be leaders with Space exploration. The men and boys are into the rockets and the hardware, but the key to living in Space is the software and life-science - we call livingry - which all past research has proven to be the only answer to sustain humans on long-term missions. I anticipate that girls who learn about regenerative ecosystems in the backyard lifePOD with their moms will be inspired to be astronauts who colonize Space, Moon and Mars in the future decades!

Friends, I am so pleased that my world now includes you and my hope for activating a Motivated Moms movement is now lifted - I feel that you women have no doubt appeared in my life at this time to add to our mutual capacity to accomplish the Power With vision, and I ask for you to kindly look into what I am doing - I would love to team up with your circles of collaborators. Together, we will have the means and capacity to accomplish the work that will make the difference.

The new WE is emergent and will call into being a new world, as a “new creation” where knowledge is not ruling over, but is in synergy with and in service to the whole of LIFE, establishing our place in harmony with Nature. This evolution reflects our own inner healing that is so essential to the regeneration of Mother Earth, with restored, healthy ecosystems. 

That little space where we all want to live in peace is called home, and the sense of place and belonging that we hunger for, is called community. What we need desperately to know is: how to build the home and the community with an art-of-living that creates abundance - an experience of ever increasing energy, complexity, diversity, richness and beauty. As an inventor, I have confidence that humanity will create and converge on a common "human way of being" - of living without fear - with our inner nature being at peace with Creation and Creator. 

Today, we have the sad condition of humanity and of individuals deprived of inner peace and living with our connection to outward Nature and inner Soul/Spirit broken. The example of the King is dehumanizing and our place in the circle of life has been weakened, distorted and corrupted to serve the will of these few men who have, for long millennia, acquired and lived in an uncontrolled addiction to the use knowledge for “Power Over” people and planet. These few feed on the Power Over energy, and in modern times use Corporations to push the consumption paradigm down the throats of the people until their lives are no longer fit to teach the next generation what it is to be a human being. In our isolation from Nature our Humanity has been compromised by "what we consume"; and so we are evolving in a corrupted and un-natural direction and, in the circle of life, we are now exponentially accelerating towards an extinction event for all LIFE.

The icon of Power Over is the King and we all know, deep in our humanity, that the very idea of a king is wrong, and it is precisely his refusal to "be crowned king" that incited the crowd to demand the crucifiction of Jesus. Like any victim, the whole of humanity holds in their imagination (in misguided belief) the idea that there is hope for a just and loving king who would heal our distressed world and save us from our lifes lived as a "death sentence", lives of servitude and subjugation to a dictator.

We must now begin to stop our "trade in death" and start a new uplifting trajectory that propels our individual lives to serve the highest good of all humanity. Deep within, beyond the reach of the conditioning of our lives to fear and scarcity and our education for oppression, we know that the spark our humanity is alive and the human spirit is ready to burst out of captivity and enslavement with a joyful gladness. We can all be uplifted by the victory of our human strength emerging with capacity beyond even what we may ask or imagine - a capacity unlimited by what we know, because it is rooted in our "Creativity". This creative Gift is for our freedom and reveals true human capacity that can lift us up in our need and in our helplessness can provide "insight" that finds a new way to work with nature that can and will release everyone, everywhere from our hunger and poverty. This Co-Creative work is one that nurtures solutions and outcomes that are altogether constructive and are based on regenerative/generative principles ecosystems for growth and thriving without limits.

Our subjugated lives are focused on the fact that the powerful take and hold property - much more than is their need - while the people are accorded no natural right to "place" or to a home. At the top of the pyramid of power is the king, who having claimed all the land, resources and the people gives back tenure to this property to those few who submit to his absolute power. Such titles & tokens of power (money and command/control of lands/assets) accounts for the origins of the “capitalist” (absent owner) - we may laugh that aboriginal communities gave up their lands for "beads & trinkets", treaties and deeds - while we feel superior and secure in our faith in some paper in our pocket or merely “digital markers” in the bank. Our life's sacrifices are made to gain our “deed to possession” of our home, represented by this paper which is issued and owned by the king/capitalist/patriarch who is our master. We are conditioned to living in this "matrix" and we give this illusion the force of reality over us, because we wish to believe in and have faith in those to whom we have given over our trust. Unfortunately, the powerful are deceptive; their command/control is rationalized as beneficent and the rule-of-law breaks with principles of mutuality and reciprocity if ever “the maintenance of order” is challenged. Those at the top of pyramids of power have no regard for and no toleration of anyone capable of independent living or thinking.

As we know from science, the pyramid has a great stability, and it is a strategy for the application of force that enables a few isolated individuals to rule over the lives of the vast majority of people. Any options and alternatives to this prevailing order are repressed by those in their entrenched positions of power. The abuse of power and the suffering of people has no boundaries, however the limits to the destruction of the earth's ecosystems are now being exceeded and what is becoming clear to all of the people of the world is that their rulers’ end-game is a deadly scenario, where in a future ruled by conflict, the powerful will be engaged in a "last man standing" struggle that takes no account of the suffering of humanity and has no care for the outcome that all life (as we know it) is thereby exposed to the probability of extinction. 

Keeping in mind that science and knowledge is held captive to the service of the powerful, who want advantage and leverage over others, we can understand that the outcome is the creation of artifacts of exploitation and weapons to make warfare upon the people and planet. WE must understand fully that the people of the world are intentionally brutalized and that the dire poverty of a large fraction of the world’s population is contrived so as to enforce obediance to authority. Our servitude to authorities of the world (might is right) is rooted in a deeply conditioned fear for the life and wellbeing of our loved ones. The main thrust of the operations of the technology developed and still being expanded are toxic and destructive to all LIFE and to the life of people everywhere. The violent machinations of the last century are the culmination of a civilization of warfare that is systemically self-destructive, with an illusion that the struggle is between people groups, US and THEM, when the reality is that all people are subjugated by a global system of exploitation that constrains all people no mater which nation makes a claim over their birth.

But here is the good news: in this new 21st century the people are not playing by the rules of the entrenched, powerful exploiters. WE are finding a new "heart coherence" that affirms that we are more alike than different and we have the same aspirations to live at peace in our homes with security and be not deprived of essential life support. Good science can emerge from the now highly educated people "of the middle-class" with the application of our collective intelligence through the new communication and collaboration channels opened by the internet. Empowering materially blessed, educated and capable moms to become growers of fresh, real-food for her children's health and proper growth and development is the POD Club mission - fit food for family fitness and healthy living.

The signs of the fundamental transformation of technology from the service of the powerful to the service to the people (and to all of life) - is seen in “livingry” innovations - of which Sola Roof is one example. A cascade of empowering livingry products and applications has been visibly emergent in the first years of the 21st century, herralding a new millennium. WE are witness to and participants in the birth of a new humanity and this new WE will find inward peace that will be reflected in the regeneration of the outward world: “thy kingdom come; on earth as it is in heaven”.