"The global marketplace is a great blessing, bringing global advances to every open market and efficiently delivering resources during times of local and regional disaster; and the just-in-time strategy is efficient and competitive, and so is here to stay. We need the global marketplace, but by also recreating the local marketplaces that the global economy has displaced, we can accomplish a resiliency that the world has never before enjoyed. New strategies have emerged for creating strong local money systems that do not wither in good times, but instead make good times even better by working complementarily with national currencies. The synergy of these redundant marketplaces can generate sustainable prosperity because healthy local marketplaces permit communities to protect their human and other natural resources - not only from disaster but also from the destructive exploitation of an otherwise unchallenged global marketplace." says Kevin Parcell who has created the Reconomy Global Cooperative at Facebook. (source URL for quotation is: http://kevinparcell.net/About/globalinitiative.html)