Richard Register <richard@ecocitybuilders.org> date Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:35 AM subject Sola Roof mailed-by gmail.com

Hi Richard,

I am the inventor of Sola Roof - the liquid bubble technology for insulation and shading together with Liquid Solar thermal storage and other innovations. This technology was implemented in a greenhouse at the TM campus in Fairfield in late 90's with business team from Montreal. I have been in Europe since then and have made further progress with the technology in Norway and in China. I now live part of the year in Montreal again and I will be attending the Montreal Ecocity Conference (August 22 - 26).

Bubble technology has been put into practice in several locations around the world and the project of Ross Elliot near Ottawa has just celebrated 10 years of successful operations, but the Sola Roof technology is largely unknown and unacknowledged - even though proven to reduce heating/cooling loads of glazings a full order of magnitude comparative to current practice. Is it not time for emergency measures to push forward with breakthroughs no mater how disruptive they may be to vested interests? It is appropriate that this technology be presented at this conference - a technology originating in Montreal and now seeking receptivity in far regions, while Canada mobilizes Tar Sands.

What do you say? Is it time to be disruptive? Richard