Today I am attending the Eco Innovation National Roundtables in Brussels. I will learn something more about this major EU program that supports a very significant level of innovation through funding that will match private investment, or the income of a project. This is a very strong opportunity for our W 2 F 4 E projects.

Today is the opening for call for proposals, September 8th is the closing date and the first awards of contracts can be issued about May of 2012. Realistic time planning for implementation of projects is a requirement. Quantification of project performance is important. Choice of partners and subcontracting must be clearly explained. Funding is not for a research project, nor for energy project (purely) and Life Cycle assessment is important. Exploitation and moving product to market needs to be clearly described.

There is strong competition, ambitious environmental benefits are desired. Start early, be clear, define environment and innovation substantial leverage, upscaling and financial benefits are desired.