Sola Roof: a solution for Japan in this time of crisis?

Friends of Sola Roof, I am thankful to have you help (or assistance from those to whom you may refer this message) to bring this message of hope to the people of Japan and to make the appropriate Japanese authorities aware of the Sola Roof solution for food security and public health and safety. We invite cooperation that can reduce the risks to health of Radioactive Contamination while enabling recovery of self-reliance in local food production. The radioactive contaminants released to the air can be borne a great distance and thereby contaminate exposed food crops and the soil. Like other toxins in the environment, this pollution can absorb into the food and is dangerous when ingested in the body. Such contaminants can also "bio-concentrate" and therefore have a dangerous cumulative affect over time.

The dilemma is that the health benefits of the food produced in Japan is now suspect and there will remain a concern for months and years about the safety of food grown in Japan (perhaps even the wider region) - Japan, that has a tradition of significant food self-reliance, will become largely dependent on food from other nations. Therefore the Sola Roof innovation, proven but not yet commercialized anywhere in the world, can be a timely solution to greatly enhance the ability of Japan to grow food in closed environment greenhouses - meaning a non-ventilated, "clean-room" degree of control - that eliminates to the highest degree possible the risk of any air-borne radioactive contaminates reaching the food during its growth or harvest. Not only will these food products be safer, they will be highly nutritious, since carefully controlled (clean) organic nutrients would be used to feed the crops. This "closed atmosphere" growing combined with regenerative systems for nutrients, CO 2 and water supply to the food culture system within our Sola Roof greenhouse will assure the nutritional value and safety of local food and the close proximity of the Solar Greenhouse to the consumer means that the fruit is ripe and tasty. The highly productive, low-energy, zero-carbon footprint of this system of growing is projected to be profitable and brings society many benefits - including: "clean energy, "green jobs" and "green growth" of the economy.

Sola Roof is a new innovation, not yet well understood through scientific study, and research and development partners are invited to cooperate with our global Open Source collaboration to better understand the breakthrough that Nelson's inventions' enable and apply the great technology advancements that are possible. Our Sola Roof applications for disaster relief are now under development through the umbrella group called URGENT Shelter - and we welcome the recognized capacity and openness of the people of Japan for technology adoption and refinement who, in cooperation with URGENT Shelter can rapidly complete the applied engineering and manufacturing development that would allow a quick deployment of the Sola Roof solution for "closed atmosphere" food production in Japan. Sola Roof is offered as a GIFT to the people of Japan that we hope will contribute to the wellbeing of the population and recovery from the long term impacts of the nuclear disaster.

We ask only that in the future Japan will Pay It Forward, helping others who are or become the victims of natural and man-made disaster (including severe poverty) to have the means and know-how to adopt Sola Roof solutions for sustainable, abundant, healthy and prosperous lives built on skills for self-reliant living. Sola Roof is a self-help solution (see: DIY Food Manifesto) and as inventor, I ask those who benefit from using Sola Roof to help others to become users through collective Pay It Forward humanitarian projects. At this time the focus of humanitarian activity is the DIY Food Campaign and the goal of establishing DIY Food Projects in Haiti. Japan has the capacity to "build back better" and the pioneering of such important Eco Living solutions as Sola Roof will be a great benefit to all of the world - a disaster of great magnitude can have an outcome that brings hope to people everywhere that, together we can overcome global challenges; together we can build a future of abundance for all.

I and the emerging Sola Roof global community are ready, willing and able take action with the people of Japan who might wish to adopt Sola Roof DIY and we will also cooperate with any organizations who can mobilize a large scale response to this invitation.