Hi FF Team,

I am a Canadian inventor, now active in the UK and Norway and with manufacturing JV in Malaysia. After 10 years living in London, England I am starting to look seriously at North American activity.

I am still not to optimistic about the NA market receptivity to my innovation: Sola Roof. The commercial sector of the greenhouse industry and building construction sector have been resistant to my disruptive technology. But I have determined that there is a "back door" to these commercial markets and that is the backyards of home owners who would like to take DIY action to secure safe, nutritious food. This is the DIY market for Sola Roof technology. It is however a market that will not sustain a conventional business model, since the very intention of these users would be to build directly - with little or no "packaging" - using commodity materials that are available locally, off-the-shelf.

Therefore it is not my intention to offer a Sola Roof product to this DIY market. Instead I will provide free technology and know-how and focus on the desired outcome: enabling all those who want to, to grow your own food. My strategy for business success with this DIY market is to align with commodity suppliers who would gain sales and marketing position by establishing authorized use of Sola Roof & DIY Food Brands through formal affiliation with Sola Roof, which is the technology owner under a Creative Commons Public License.

I would grant Brand affiliation to those suppliers who commit to a contribution of 1% of sales to the DIY Food humanitarian projects, under our Pay It Forward program. Global market suppliers, like Sapa Profiles (aluminum structure components) will co-brand with Sola Roof and support the DIY Food Challenge. Further, at the local level we will see OEM type enterprise emerge to fill the gap for DI Yers with less construction skills. For example, I am establishing local supply of a DIY Kit and such "enterprise" opportunities will make a positive contribution to the livelihoods of many of the members of the Sola Roof Community as it grows.

The DIY Food Challenge is a viral idea since it is calls on a community that is "helping itself" with free access to our Open Source technology, to then accept the challenge to help others in the global community - including those who need material assistance as well as knowledge and skills transfer. This will attract global interest and positive attention. There is no barrier to any participation and no manufacturing investment is required since all materials needed are in supply as commodity products that are available at low cost. As the purchasing power of the DIY Food community grows, and as users are able to issue specifications to suppliers, there will be even better and more competitive offerings of appropriate materials and components.

DIY Food must become a viral movement that brings food security to all who wish to go from awareness, to learning and then DIY action. But the key missing ingredient is a strong, talented and well funded team who will build the DIY community's internet presence. This is my invitation to FF - to build with me the Web 3 environment that will enable me and all the DIY Food members to engage, teach and support personal ACTION that will build a viral community that reaches everyone, everywhere.

All the best, Richard