Micheal, I really appreciate your reply about my attendance at your national Slow Money event even at this late hour. My Open Source initiative, Sola Roof, has commercial applications but has up to now been rejected because it is too disruptive to the commercia greenhouse industry.

My purpose in attending your event is to tell your membership about my Non-Commercial DIY Food initiative that will strengthen a family's food self-reliance by building your Back Yard Project, your Family Farm Project or a Community Based Project - all of which have the primary goal of "grow your own" food rather than the participation in the commercial food supply chain through retailers to consumers. The non-commercial DIY Food initiative has also a humanitarian component to be adopted by the DI Yers and the suppliers of the DIY Kit materials, which is the DIY Food Challenge.

To avoid needless growth of my personal carbon footprint, I could present to your membership through your email based communications. DIY Food is effective, very low energy, very low cost, year around solar greenhouse technology that will provide your family farm members and those who love DIY and self-reliant living a real and tangible breakthrough to enable nutritious food, water purification and clean energy by teaching new paradigms of Eco Dynamic buildings and the Blue Green concepts for working with nature to defeat poverty and disaster and arrive at abundance. If rejected by the system, then it is up to individuals and families to use and apply this knowledge for personal and community food security in a world growing ever more dangerous and toxic.

I could attend if you can provide me a free pass and I can find a sponsor to cover my travel cost. God bless your gathering, Richard