Finding a page already created


I had started a blog for "No Name Yet". I had a new blog entry but it seems to have disappeared. It was a demonstration project for Sola Roof under Open Eco Community. (It is not the same as Oil From Algae but will use ideas for there.) I looked a few places and could not find it. Where should I look? - Bobby

Okay, what I did is I opened the Site Map from the main navigation sidebar and then looked for the Open Eco Community group (groups are listed in alphabetical order), then I found the Wiki Blog for that group.

Sugggestion: Now that you have your Bobby Profiles page set up, I am thinking that you could connect to the OpenEcoCommunity/WikiBlog from your Profiles page. I know that you also plan to lead the Oil From Algae group but the connection to No Name Yet is quite personal and your leadership at that Blog would be very important. It would be a team Blog that could involve other (real world) community formation efforts, but your No Name Yet community in Texas could lead by example.

Did you see the note that I posted about LUF, who want to build a sustainable community in Texas? I am really excited about the activation of this group to assist people to found actual communities - it is a good start - just give it time to pick up interest - and we will keep this discussion moving because I support your goal for No Name Yet. - Sola Roof Guy


I intend to contact LUF. I appreciate the tip on finding No Name Yet. I may try to add it to the sidebar of Open Eco Community. I was able to update my blog for yesterday. - Bobby