A title line is quoted on the Profiles page and in the right column so that visitors get an idea of the general topic. Today some exciting software for wiki information maps.

I changed some of the other opening lines that gave no idea what the Wiki Blog entry is about. So don't start with Rick, or Hellow, etc. - the first line is a title or keywords

Marcin is using this relationship mapping tool at Open Source Ecology Projects where Marcin has used CMapTools from IHMC. He suggests that we download and use this "Concept Map" tool as a navigation interface at Sola Roof and says: "I opine that a Pm Wiki - C Map Tools combination is a powerful ICT package.

This looks great but my skills are not going to get it done. I need help - I am looking for a wiki development team to collaborate on our wiki implementation - to make it the best that we can envision. Anyone interested in this challenge?