I believe the following snip is part of a stock scam. But the company involved may for real. A foamed aluminum structual part means you would be able to have fixtures in many shapes that can not be produced by extrusion. If you have been frustrated by the shapes available, this might be a lead. (I A9ed (like googled) it and got nothing.)

Again - caution - I consider this to be a stock scam.

Pinnacle Group Limited, Inc. (PGPU) Announces Acquisition of AEROFOAM METALS INC. AEROFOAM METALS INC is a |eading structura| technology company focused on the development & commercia|ization of foamed a|uminum products and components for the world market. In Today's market, AEROFOAM METALS INC has cutting edge techno|ogy and |itt|e competition.

Symbo|: PGPU.PK



The following claims to be your transparent PV. It sounds like it is still in a research stage. We might contact them about being a test site.


One more piece of the puzzle.

Maybe I'm being overly sceptical today, but there may be cause for concern here also:

In November, they bought this name - the product has nothing to do with their claims:


What they bought is here: