prefab double-layer covering system for a greenhouse


At the start of a paragraph in Almeria Project it says, "This covering material is prefabricated into a two layer envelope that is made with special design to permit the easy attachment and tensioning of the envelope itself."

What about changing that to, "This covering material is prefabricated into two separate(SP?) envelopes. These are assembled to the greenhouse frame with a specially designed attachment system to permit the easy attachment and tensioning of the envelope." My thinking - since the two envelopes are not put together in the prefabrication process, but only when they are assembled to the greenhouse frame. And - the reason the attachment system works is not the fabric, but the attachment system. - Bobby

Hi Bobby,

I moved this over here to my Sola Roof Guy Blog and pasted your comment into today's Blog page.

Now about your comment above, your point about the attachment is true and you could change that but the envelope actually is prefabricated in the production stage so that the inner and outer layers are a complete assembly. They are joined and there is a rain gutter system that is built into the mid span of the covering system. I will need to draw a sketch of the cover to explain how those details are designed.

Also, thanks for all the constructive edits that you are doing - that kind of initiative is in the best spirit of how a wiki will work - many contributors constantly improving and fixing the text and content. Making clarifications on the spot or asking a question. Comments can be inserted directly where the text needs work (using color can be a way to call attention to the text that is suggested) if you are not confident that the change suggested is correct.

Another way is to insert a paragraph like this, which is indented and provides the suggested text change or a comment that would improve understanding and then sign it at the end - Sola Roof Guy