Summer Of Re Generation

This is a page to provide a greater depth of understanding of the purpose of the cooperation between Greenfire Farm and Sola Roof during this critical year - a "tipping point" as some say - which in our shared vision is about a new story and great turning for the earth community.

On 21 June, to mark the Summer Solstice of this year of 2012, which is seen by many to be a critical time for change and for the birth of new age of Earth Re Generation?, we launch a cooperative project for local food security. This cooperation between Greenfire Farm and Sola Roof, during this summer, set the goal of rapid prototyping, development and demonstration of the DIY Pod. The Greenfire Earth Regeneration Center (“ERC”) was chosen as homebase for this activity, with the intent to strengthen localization and deep resilience in communities everywhere.

The DIY Pod is an Open Source design for the home, offering family and small groups methods of construction and materials that are accessible as self-build projects. The DIY Pod will grow food year around in any season (in extreme hot, arid and cold climates), producing an abundance of fresh food of high nutritional value. “Grow your own food” assures that food is safe and is not exposed to GMO, synthetic and/or toxic inputs or polluted environments.

Greenfire and Sola Roof, anticipate cooperation with other pioneering groups for the replication of the DIY Pod at several sites around the world, thereby to inspire vast numbers of people to access the Open Source knowhow and act on localization, joining in the movement of “becoming place”. This “Do It Yourself” (DIY) community can take root everywhere in the world, in urban or rural, in poor communities that struggle with hunger and in the midst of the “consumer society” where families depend on expensive food supply from long distances. Food security is now a concern for people everywhere and the development of a simple, small scale solution will profoundly enhance the permaculture vision of humanity’s homecoming to re-inhabit foodsheds, watersheds, bio-regions and basins of all our relations.

The DIY Pod, as a Grassroots application of Sola Roof offers a practical opportunity for action by families everywhere to directly answer the urgent need for solutions to Global Challenges, and as such we, with several international collaborative groups, are connecting through internet meeting on June 21 for a workshop to launch the project at Greenfire ERC and to initiate cooperation with several groups. In principle we also observe and support the outcomes of the Rio+20 People’s Summit with the launch of our global collaborative development and cooperative action to replicate the DIY Pod solution far and wide as a grassroots movement for family food security and interdependence. Teams and groups are encouraged to form to support open and collective action to initiate community based social enterprise and to form Chapters of the Sola Roof Coop that will work together to enable Members to establish regenerative food, water and energy at the center of each home and community, respecting and aligning with the rights of Nature, Mother Earth, Indigenous Peoples in the emergent “new story commons”. As a global community, special efforts will be made to introduce the DIY Pod projects in locations where agriculture is severely disrupted by Climate Change, such as the Sahel, where famine is a threat or reality for millions of people today.

We anticipate a great day of consultation and awakening to a collective vision for building a future of abundance for all. Please join our solstice gathering and workshop at Greenfire Farm when we will also connect by internet meeting with our global collaborative partners. - signed Richard Nelson (Sola Roof), Richard Hogan (Greenfire ERC)

Equinox Celebration 2012?:

We anticipate a beautiful day of celebration on September 21st Equinox when we launch the next phase of POD development with a global POD Kit roll-out at several Beta Sites. These are locations where we have teams for Plant The Seed? projects and a commitment to build a COOP Chapter?. Please join us on that great day for sharing our designs and plans for POD Kit and formation of the Sola Roof Coop for enabling DIY Food everywhere!