Sola Roof Com

The Sola Roof technology (Sola Roof Tech) is accessible to a community of non-commercial and commercial users. In the non-commercial community we gather under the name of Sola Roof, asking members who freely benefit from the use of Sola Roof to give "Attribution" to the name: Sola Roof. In the commercial community we ask the same Attribution but also place an ethical obligation on those who profit through the application of Sola Roof Tech to give back to the community by taking action to Pay It Forward - providing 1% of revenues to fund humanitarian projects that will enable access to Sola Roof by those who live with hunger and lack good water. There are urgent situations and climate crisis that need long term solutions and our community should help others to learn about and build Re Generative Food Water Energy into their lives as we also have been helped through grace and providence to get established on the path to Eco Living. Sola is our non-commercial organization and Sola has the purpose to work cooperatively with businesses. The Sola Roof technology is a Creative Commons that is now held in trust by Richard Nelson, who is the inventor and who is also has founded the business, Sola Roof Com, as a social enterprise.

Sola Roof Com is the personal consulting business and holding company of Richard Nelson and it operates in the same Open Source environment as any other business that join our commercial community of Sola Roof users and developers. Sola Roof Com is actively supporting the emergence of the Sola Roof Coop to enable a vast movement for DIY Food as a global collaborative and cooperative strategy for building food security and resilient communities that can cope with the impacts of Dangerous Climate Change.