Re Generative Food Water Energy

The purpose of Sola Roof is to enable everyone to access technology for self-reliant living. The concept is that life has the capacity for self-sustaining growth and will manifest abundance when we apply science and technology to provide the ideal environments for all five kingdoms (for example, fish, plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria) of life to thrive in synergetic closed cycles. With the Controlled Environment technology we can contain rather than release CO 2 and we can maintain a CO 2 enriched atmosphere. This strategy of applying CO 2 at multiples of concentration over that in the atmosphere is able to greatly amplify the effectiveness and rate of photosynthesis both by plants and algae. Likewise we sustain anaerobic environment for the regeneration of organic waste to produce organic nutrients that are essential for growing nutritious, organic food. Such Bio Digester systems also constantly regenerates Clean Energy? in the form of Bio Fuel: producing clean burning methane gas to power microturbines that generate electricity. Much more electrical power is generated than is needed to sustain the regenerative process operations.

While we can therefore produce (within the footprint of our Eco Habitat) all of the food required for individual health we also derive an endless energy resource and the plants (as they grow) also produce, with the Sola Roof process, 5 times more pure water than is typically required. Producing Algae in combination with growing plants results in a near doubling of the Bio Fuel yield per day by the harvest of clean oil from Algae. The GHG are all utilized to enhance photosynthesis and is contained without release and the liquid nutrient effluents are valued as organic nutrient for plant crops, while the organic solids are valued for worm and mushroom culture with these materials harvested for use as soil conditioners that enrich the surrounding Perma Culture. These self-sustaining cycles enable a new paradigm for human settlements that we call Eco Habitat.