POD Preneur Network

As the discussion of our COOP activity has progressed, we see the need to establish a process for collective action, before the COOP has emerged. We want to create a channel for collaboration/cooperation that will be a catalyst for mobilizing a local to global movement. I am calling this the POD Fresh Food movement and the collaborators are the POD Pioneers - together we will form the POD Enterprise Network, which is called POD Net.

POD Net will support the emergence of the Agri POD solution for vertical farming of the 21st century. We adopt a COOP business model, inviting and inspiring collective action by our POD Pioneers in advance of the formation of the COOP. After the formation of POD Net as a global COOP, registered in Iceland, we will then share our Creative Commons solution to enable everyone, everywhere to be POD Preneurs who are growing real food with regenerative methods that are then becoming well known - and where adopted widely communities and nations can become secure from the emerging crisis of food energy and water scarcity - they will have FEW 4 All?..